Monday, June 8, 2015

Authors and Music Publishers loser of a new technology – 02elf Düsseldorf Abendblatt


The streaming of millions of subscribers, the daily to their favorite music on the Internet to hear the authors and music publishers threatened to make victims of digital consumption of music. While the streaming service companies reported double-digit growth rates and collect the millions of subscriptions per month per customer up to 10 euros or more, the creators of the hits are resigned to charity.

“It is high time that the employ policy, but also dishes with how unfair and disproportionate creative creator of the music to be disadvantaged by a monopoly of streaming companies “, which explained the president of the German Music Publishers’ Association (DMV), Prof. Dr. Rolf Budde, on Friday on the international music fair Midem in Cannes along with authors and music publishers from many countries in an appeal to the international press.

They demanded an immediate increase in the licenses, so that the authors and music publishers not with mini-cent amounts per stream fear for their existence. Under the motto “Authors and Music Publishers demand more transparency and fair money from streaming,” brought together representatives of the creative in Cannes.

Budde said to the applause of representatives of authors and music publishers that it was high time that the streaming companies take in their gold rush note that they can get their product only if they pay an adequate remuneration. but

Budde also made it clear that one is naturally interested in having this digital Music services are successful because it represented for music fans a great fascination to listen to music via streaming. However, the success could not happen at the expense of creative people, because without the songs would not exist streaming. instants Media Prof. Dr. Rolf Budde


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