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YouTube has not examine yourself what users upload - TIME ONLINE: Copyright

The media group Viacom against YouTube has once again lost in court. Copyrighted Material on YouTube Viacom must continue to find them and report

YouTube has set up a studio in Los Angeles, can turn professional videos to the blogger.

YouTube has set up a studio in Los Angeles in which bloggers can turn professional videos.

A U.S. court has rejected a second time, a billion-dollar lawsuit against YouTube. The media group Viacom accused YouTube ago to support copyright infringements in order to make a profit. According to Judge Louis Stanton but he could not prove it. With this ruling Stanton confirmed its first decision of 2010. An appeals court had asked him to review the matter again.

background: Viacom operates numerous television channels, including the MTV and YouTube was sued in 2007 and demanded one billion U.S. dollars damages for copyright infringement. Viacom complained that repeatedly cut or whole episodes of about South Park , or Daily Show with Jon Stewart are illegally uploaded to YouTube.


Judge Stanton was but then, as in his new ruling that YouTube and Google are protected by the “ Digital Millennium Copyright Act ” (DMCA) of 1998. Under the Act, the Internet provider of the specific copyright infringements need to know in order to be prosecuted may by their users. It should be according to the law but the task of the copyright holder to point to the specific content presented clearly Stanton – not the task of the platform operator to do this independently locate


The argument of Viacom, the sheer number of YouTube videos – According to YouTube invite its users every minute 72 hours of new material high – make it impossible to maintain an overview of possible copyright infringement, the judge turned to the group. If it really was so much material that had to be examined, but it was certainly appropriate that it do the respective rights owner, he was. In other words, the own success protects YouTube


Patrick Beuth

Patrick Beuth


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The system works according to Stanton properly. In 2007, Viacom had once reported about 100,000 videos simultaneously is infringing, and YouTube have managed to delete them all the next business day. “There is also no evidence that YouTube seduces its users to upload videos to Copyright offending” judged Stanton. In addition, the Internet giant Google owned video portal’s users have neither asked to provide certain content on the platform, users still conducted specifically to illegal content.


Kent Walker of Google to the YouTube Blog: “The court has confirmed an existing legal consensus that the DMCA, an Internet platform like YouTube protects when it cooperates with copyright holders and appropriate steps are being taken to such user-generated content subsequently remove, as reported by the rights holders is infringing. “

Viacom wanted to buy YouTube itself once

Viacom said in a statement the other hand, by “overwhelming evidence” that YouTube deliberately infringes copyright laws. The court had ignored the earlier judgments of higher instances. Viacom will therefore re-insert appeal.

2006 Viacom wanted to buy yourself the way YouTube, but then drew the short straw against Google. The Internet group received about $ 1.7 billion awarded.

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