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Telecom: The End of the Internet as we know it - Times Online

DT wants to throttle the data flow of their customers. It puts an end to the principle of net neutrality and the anonymous surfing, analyzed Malte Spitz from the Greens.

satirical advertisement for the telecom

satirical advertisement for the telecom

from the 2nd May be some change in the German Internet landscape. The German Telekom will then only sell contracts for broadband Internet access with limited data volume. Whether DSL, VDSL or fiber, the amount of data is now finally. What is already known from the mobile Internet access where the latest two to five gigabytes of high-speed circuit is, to overtake us even at home now. Who has exhausted its data volume is throttled and can surf only 384 kilobits per second. In a VDSL 50 connection, this means a reduction of about 99 percent of the bandwidth.

substance that is the limited capacity and the fact that the expansion of the networks is expensive. However, according to information from the telecom just three percent of users, and users currently exceed the specified volume limits. This suggests other backgrounds.


According to figures from the Federal Network Agency from 2011 (on page 74), the German Telekom has 12.28 million broadband customers. If it really is only about three percent of heavy users in the throttling, which would affect 368,000 connections. At the Telekom says that you can Repost additional capacity for a single-digit euro amount at launch of throttling. Even if one accepts this as a maximum price 9,99 €, that would mean 368,000 in connection owners who buy every month, the double inclusive volume, just 44.11584 million euros.

0.1 percent annual sales

More than 44 million euros revenue in the entire structure is changed in the fixed network internet? For € 44 million potential customers are sold, disputes regarding a catastrophic miscalculations and image are taken into account? These maximum additional income would represent less than 0.1 percent of annual turnover of telecom.

Malte Spitz

Malte Spitz

© Malte Spitz

Malte Spitz is a member of the national executive of the party Alliance 90/The Greens since 2006. He deals mainly with media and Internet policy and is committed to, among other things, the so-called culture flat rate, a flat rate payment model for copyrights. Thanks to his commitment, it was possible to visualize the connection data of mobile phones that are to be processed in the framework of retention. He is the initiator of the initiative pro net neutrality. Spitz is active in many places in the network, including on Twitter.

The company has tried such a radical step, as it wanted to abolish the subsidy on T-Mobile cell phone. This was quickly corrected after protests. All this shows that it’s not about just three percent of users and 44 million euros to possible additional revenue. It’s about abolishing net neutrality.

The magic word is to the telecom managed services . According to the press release of the company will not count towards the free data managed services . The managed services is content that the telecom forwards exclusively by, for example, data of their own entertainment platform or voice telephony. At first glance, this sounds logical, Deutsche Telekom will not want all Entertain customers after a week sitting in front of a black screen, or no one can make calls. At second glance, but it shows the danger inherent in this “rate change.” It can lead to the end of the Internet as we know it and use it.

Firstly the telecom infrastructure providers and content providers at the same time. Entertain with their own product is excluded from the restriction. Entertain in Videoload is integrated. The service receives a benefit by the tariff change over the competition as max cathedrals. Thus, Entertain customers will have to decide whether they prefer to buy via the integrated Videoload portal their films and series, or max cathedrals or iTunes, the Gigabyte will be credited for an HD movie on the data volume.

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