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Maserati for the masses

used was the Italian brand for luxurious sports cars, now it engages the upper middle class with the Ghibli the German rivals BMW and Mercedes on. Diesel engines are planned for the first time – and a SUV

used was the Italian brand of luxury sports cars, now it reaches into the upper middle class with the Ghibli the German rivals BMW and Mercedes on. Diesel engines are planned for the first time – and a SUV From


The man has confidence and self-confidence. Actually speaks of a growth of over 500 percent. And., At a time in the business with the new car goes down the drain Harald Wester, the German Fiat manager who is also at the forefront of sports car manufacturer Maserati in five years, says with conviction: “By 2015 we will increase our annual production to at least 50,000 vehicles.” That would be not only a success story of Modena, the Italian headquarters, it would be a small miracle. In her 2008 best 9000 cars rolled with trident in the grille from the tape.

Westers target sounds presumptuous, but the Fiat subsidiary apparently feels well prepared. The optimistic target derives not only from the stable growth forecasts for the Chinese and American luxury markets, it is also based on a major product offensive: Around 1.2 billion euros wants parent company Fiat to invest in the coming years, Maserati and thus expand the model range. “Today we cover Quattroporte GT Convertible and 20 percent of the luxury market,” says Westerberg. “That will change significantly.” Of a fine niche manufacturer he wants to make a broad-based premium brand.

The first step in this strategy marks the new Quattroporte, which was introduced in the year. Looking to the Chinese, who prefer to be chauffeured but to resort even to control, the luxury liner is primarily made not only modern and playful, but much more spacious – and with a base price of 114,320 euros also be more expensive

including a gap that is trying to fill Maserati with a new model through this appreciation: the Ghibli. The fans of the traditional brand still associate the name with a V8 coupe from the 60s and an edgy coupe from the 90s. The Ghibli in 2013 has nothing to do with the past. He has two more doors and for two cylinders less, the sedan will start to compete with the Mercedes E-Class and the BMW 5 Series and gets a new six-cylinder engine. The three-liter turbo engine is driven in the S version of 410 hp, and there are him with 330 hp. The smaller version at prices well below 80,000 euros has a fuel consumption of 9.6 liters, accelerates from zero to 100 in 5.6 seconds and is available with optional all-wheel drive. For the first time in the history of Maserati will also be equipped with a diesel engine that has 275 horsepower. Of the sprint to 100 kph in 6.3 seconds, and still consumes 6.0 liters according to the manufacturer.

While Maserati has its petrol engine with the help of sister brand Ferrari all self-developed and produced here perhaps the most seductive sound throughout the upper middle class, Wester picks for the diesel to a 3, 0-liter supplier of the Italian VM back. No secret in the industry is that the motors used mainly in jeep not enjoy the best reputation. “We will revise the V6 so that the drives like a Maserati Ghibli and sounds like a Maserati,” promises Harald Wester. Ensure the Italians have committed a handful of diesel specialists. “When do their job well, the V6 will not stay in the Ghibli. Quattroporte Also in I can imagine the engine better than a hybrid.”

The new strong double from Ghibli and Quattroporte is the luxury brand carry a good bit of the niche and double or even triple the sales. But it would be too ambitious to expect from these models more than 40,000 approvals. Therefore, in the next year reinforces the first SUV from Maserati the appearance of the Italians. The Levant is based on the ILO study Kubang, but still refined interior and exterior clear promises Fiat Westermann. While the Italians have it from their U.S. relatives help jeep and use the architecture of the Grand Cherokee, but the Levant will receive its DNA: “The car is through and through a Maserati,” promises the brand boss. The attribute should remain high until classy. Although there were cheaper alternatives, the terrain imaginable.It in Italy is built, he drives with the same eight-speed ZF automatic transmission as the Quattroporte. “And of course he gets his own engines,” says Westerberg.

aufgepäppelten With the team’s work is not done for Westerville. He must maintain the fascination of Maserati: Sports car. It’s not just about the successor of Gran Gran Coupe and Convertible. Westerwelle also thinks a smaller 2 +2- seater, the 911 is lightweight and take the 500 hp Porsche to target. Also intends to intensify the cooperation with Ferrari Westermann. So far, the only sister builds the engines for Maserati and its production has been this increase, if Westers plans work out.

future, the boss could make the acquisition of individual modules. The rumor of an offshoot of the “LaFerrari” with trident so gets new food. Of which would benefit both brands: Ferrari could swing the exorbitant development costs more than the planned 499 units. Maserati had a model to further substantiate the diversity.

In the small world of Maserati’s new strategy, the old boundaries has already blown up. Earlier cars were all built in Modena, run there now only convertible and coupe from the tape. The Quattroporte and the Ghibli build the Italians in a Bertone factory, and the Levant they have chosen an Italian factory of Fiat Group. Westerwelle says: “All the factory would have to build the new car blown up in our home.”

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