Saturday, April 27, 2013

Telekom commented DSL throttling -

src=”” Telekom spokesman, Philip Blank, defended in an interview with the Germany radio the planned cutbacks of DSL internet service provider: “Somewhere forth the money must come to develop the networks,” Blank says bluntly. Sinking of the telecommunications industry revenue stood against expenditures for the expansion of broadband networks. Blank runs. “Even a restaurant owner will be ‘must rethink all you can eat’ offer, if some customers it” make You can eat it all “Fact is with us: Three percent of customers account for over 30 percent of the volume of data . the mean for customers: Jane Smith previously sub sidized the heavy user “

Blank points out that you had gone with the volume limit his view, the most diplomatic way. stay for average user everything the same – while heavy users that have been cross-financed, now pay realistic prices. Alternatively, Telekom could raise prices for all users, without delineate.

The allegations Telekom would net neutrality at risk by it excludes own services such as Entertain of the volume restrictions, while competing providers like Lovefilm and max cathedrals of course include , Blank said rather evasively.., “I think in this debate net neutrality is sometimes confused with a quasi-free Internet culture Telekom stands for the free and open Internet, because there is absolutely no doubt Regular Internet services are not subject to discrimination, which applies to . our services as well as for all other “

The criticism of politicians such as Philipp Rösler takes left blank note: It is just campaigning again soon
(. André Westphal)

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