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Google just a search engine? That was then. The Group enters into more and more areas and displaces the competition with its offers. The goal is always the same: more data

For two years, the EU Commission already determined because of the suspicion, the Internet giant Google could abuse its dominant position in search queries. and own deals with the issue of search results prefer. Although the final verdict is still pending – this time Google is probably no greater harm which: In literally the last minute of the search engine giant has offered to continue to identify more clearly when one hit behind a Google’s own service is available. The EU Commission has indicated that they would agree. This tends to suggest that Google – unlike before Microsoft – no need for a penalty. It would not be the first time: The U.S. antitrust watchdog Google could prove no wrongdoing and presented their investigation late last year a

Google’s competitors are outraged.. The concessions are not enough. “This is far too little,” says David Wood of the organization Icomp, in which the rivals of the search engine giants have joined forces. Any solution must enable an absolutely equal competition. But that is not given, according to Google’s competitors, and also many advertising partners.

it comes to data …

Because Google is elongates more than one search engine with attached advertising management. The Internet company has expanded its offerings dramatically in recent years, making it more and more penetrated markets. There, then complain competitors, Google destroyed without regard to losses margins – or even hurt performance rights, as in the case of Google News. Whether navigation services, Internet video or office software – Google has it all for nothing. The Group’s after primarily on one thing: the data of the users – the most valuable commodity on the Internet. Or: “The oil of the 21st Century, “as the Internet researcher Andrew Keen once said.

Unlike many competitors, meets Google in its new markets, the Californians can afford their almost limitless expansion easy. Because Google has money. Lots of money. Alone in the first quarter of 2013, the profit was $ 3.35 billion. So that Google can also risk times, new services just for trying – and bury it again in doubt. For it Group

proves to projects which prove to be successful, a long breath. … and to advertising

All activities serve only one purpose: the more users spend on Google pages, the time, the more data you can collect, the Group – the basis for relevant ads and search results. And if the Internet users to linger on the Group’s own pages, Google does not even share the advertising revenues. This makes ads more lucrative in environments such as Gmail or Google Docs. “We do not earn money with the services, but with the people who use them,” said Andy Rubin once, until the beginning of the year lead developer of Google’s mobile operating system Android. “The more people use our products, the more advertising we can present them.”

The result: If a web site is popular, Google wants abhaben part of the visits. “Google is now present in many places,” says Pascal Herbert from GoogleWatchBlog. For almost every area everyday, Google has become a ready alternative. An Overview.

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