Monday, April 22, 2013

Vulnerability exploited: Credit card data stolen from travel agency customers - ABC Online

From a data center have been stolen information via the online booking of several customers. Affected include the tour operator Opodo and DER Touristik. Some customers are particularly vulnerable and should your credit card be blocked now.

A spokeswoman for the travel service provider TravelTainment announced several interested business partners were informed that ” There has been an access by unauthorized third parties to credit card data of a relatively small customer base. “

Several tour operators such as and DER Touristik then turned to customers who had recently booked a trip. Customers were advised “to leave block them” their credit card.

“We have now closed this gap,” said the spokeswoman. The slump was on 11 April has been discovered. Immediately send the company customers, credit card companies and the North Rhine-Westphalia state police were informed. Affected were “partial credit card information to a relatively small number of customers,” it said in a written notice of TravelTainment.

According to information TravelTainment offers software solutions for the large German travel portals. Customers include, and 11 000 tourist travel agents book travel in Germany for their clients on the server of the service provider. Up to 15 billion deals are bundled daily.

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