Friday, April 19, 2013

Spectacular Space Fund: Nasa telescope "Kepler" will be Venus-like ... - ABC Online

astronomers have discovered a planet in the distant universe, looks similar to our solar system in many ways Venus. The exoplanet was the order of Venus and Earth and circle round a star very similar to our sun

This was announced by the U.S. space agency Nasa. Also, the orbital period of the exoplanet is at 242 days only 18 days longer than that of Venus around the Sun. The exact nature and position of “Kepler-69c” was however still unclear.

“The planet gets more light than from Venus,” said the astronomer Lisa Kaltenegger from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy of the news agency dpa. Thus, it is too close to its star to allow life-friendly temperatures. According to model calculations of water on the surface could not survive probably cold Egger said. But to be able to say further details, one must observe the star system longer. This has “Kepler-69c” shall be another planet whose orbit is closer to the star.

On Thursday (local time), NASA had also presented two more exoplanets from another planet next to the planet that many conditions for life have: “Kepler-62e” and “Kepler-62f” are slightly larger than Earth, are thought to consist of rock and could harbor liquid water. You go around the same star in 122 or 267 days. The star system Kepler-62 from a total of five planets is 1200 light years away from Earth.

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