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/ Published today, 30 April 2013, 11:25, in the Digital Blog

“We go bankrupt”: Scene from the cracked version of Dev Tycoon Games

(Photo: Greenhert Games )

Patrick and Daniel are Wisely game developers with its own small studio called GreenHeart games. They have brought a few days ago the game called “Game Dev Tycoon” on the market, tells a similar story as the popular smartphone game “Game Dev Story” by Kairosoft. It simulates, as it creates a small programmer to stardom developers.

Immediately after the official launch – the game will cost $ 7.99 – questioned the developer a slightly modified version of “Game Dev Tycoon” on file sharing sites. How to Write the brothers in her blog, the recognizable as a cracked copy version has been downloaded shortly after numerous.


the game via file sharing sites procured, but gets a rude surprise. Because hardly the player has developed a promising product in the game, he will sacrifice himself for piracy. Nobody buys his game, instead he gets to see the following note: “Boss, although a lot of people play our game, but they steal it by download a cracked version, you do not buy it legally, if the player’s games that you.. please do not buy, we will go bankrupt sooner or later. ” In the end, the developer is actually bankrupt, the game is over.

“That’s not fair,”

This hint, hint was not understood by some players. Thus, contributions were increasing in forums where players asked how they would come out from this situation. So a user wanted to know if it was possible to explore copy protection measures yet to make a profit again. Another wrote: “Why are there so many people who steal my game is ruining me, that’s not fair?”. “As a player, I had to laugh out loud: what an irony”, says game developer Patrick Klug this entry


According to the anonymous usage statistics of the brothers have legally purchased the game only 214 users and 3104 brought to the obviously cracked version. That’s more than 90 percent – despite a low price. For this money you get a DRM-free game that runs on Mac, Linux and Windows computers, and can also be copied to three separate computers.

“We give people who can not buy a legal copy of itself because of money problems,” writes Patrick Klug. “With you I have no problems But the rest, who could afford the game should note the following:.. We are not wealthy and it will not be in the near future probably we are just two guys who ripped his ass have to start their own studio and developer to develop games that are fun. “

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