Monday, April 22, 2013

Volume limit for DSL flatrate: German Telekom DSL slows future ... - ABC Online

If you surf the internet a lot, at Deutsche Telekom soon bad cards: customers will in future be able to surf only up to a certain volume of data quickly on the Internet. Who wants to be afloat again, they have to pay extra.

As with mobile phone contracts with flat rate Internet data volume should in the future also for fast browsing in the fixed network are limited, shared the Telekom in Bonn on Monday. It justified the introduction of the data volume limit with the rapid growth of data traffic on the Internet. The volume of data take “rapid” to, so the group must invest in data lines. “More and more bandwidth can not be financed with ever-lower prices,” the group said.

The introduction of the speed limit will initially implemented by contract with new contracts in May, Telekom said. Technically, the Group assume that the volume limits are “not before 2016″ come. Will the future volume limit is reached, the speed of the Internet connection will throttled.

traffic will quadruple by 2016

When the speed limit actually come depended on the development of data communications. By 2016, the traffic will quadruple, according to experts. Existing contracts are not affected by the changes, emphasized the telecom.

Future, it will be many surfers possible to add more volume book for fast surfing, Telekom said. In ports where the calls run over the Internet line, which this data volume will not be factored. The same applies to customers who purchase in the telecom cable TV over the Internet under the name of “entertainment”.

user behavior decides on new rates

On average, customers spent today monthly 15 to 20 GB of data, Telekom said. In the future, the least amount of data contained in tariffs will be 75 gigabytes. In addition to surfing the Internet and the Edit E-mail this volume is sufficient for three additional ten download movies in standard definition and in high resolution. In addition, it could be another 60 hours of internet radio are heard and played for 16 hours online. Depending on the line speed there in future contracts with 75, 200, 300 or 400 gigabytes of data contained volume.

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