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30 April 2013 19:29

The first website – on April 30, 1993, she was freely available

(Photo: AFP )

20 years ago turned Tim Berners-Lee created the first website online. On the anniversary of the artifact is available again under the original URL. The network now has 14 billion web pages – and is now receiving a museum


what is behind this link makes at first sight as nothing here: no flash graphics, no GIFs, zero music, not even yes color. Only explanatory text and links. Nevertheless, this website is a valuable artifact – it is in fact the first. 20 years ago today, on 30 April 1993 was the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the technology for access to the World Wide Web for free public use. To celebrate, the site has been back under their original URL.

The researcher Tim Berners-Lee created the first website then into the net. Four years earlier, in March 1989, the British had submitted an initial proposal for a networked information system, from which then the World Wide Web developed – currently includes the Web at least 14 billion web pages


occasion of this success story, CERN has begun to archive the digital discounts from the early history of the WWW. Info.cern.ch at the address to a historical archive on the internet leave – on the internet. This amuses some: “Just like a coffee table book about coffee tables, brilliant,” says a reader of the magazine Technology The Verge the message


CERN created the basis for the World Wide Web. Originally, the technique was developed, so that scientists can communicate better with each other and exchange research results – but in the end, the invention has changed all sectors of society fundamentally. Not only scientists, in principle anyone can join today. Whether cats videos, 160-character extract confessions or leaked documents.

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