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Shit Storm against decelerator: Telecom examines the showdown - NEWS

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Monday 29 April 2013

Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann, it can get it: The severe criticism from users and politicians do not bring it on the plans for a data limit in the fixed network. The competition, meanwhile, prefer silent.

Despite a storm of indignation keeps Telekom CEO Obermann to his plans for a fixed data limit. Despite a storm of indignation keeps Telekom CEO Obermann to his plans for a data-limit fixed (Photo: AP).

After the shock with the decelerator Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann, after all the attention of the customers safe. For years, the telecommunications industry complains about high costs for the expansion of broadband networks, declining revenues and a too rigorous in their view regulation from Brussels. The announcement of data caps in the fixed network is the next escalation step in a years-long tug of war between telecom, supervisors and politicians – only this time consumers should be give to checkout


that are less than enthusiastic. Online forums are full of outraged comments in a week. An Internet petition against the plans already found more than 100,000 supporters. When Internet messaging service Twitter account of satire “@ drosselkom” has more than 6,000 subscribers. The jokes all hit the same line: “Please stay on the line and listen instantly on opening times to tweet about the scene The blow us up the lines!” or “Please do not use Skype., you will definitely find a pay phone near you”. Old enemy to live: The memory of the times when the telecom was considered portly service dinosaurs is still fresh


Ironically, the outgoing CEO René Obermann, who has done much in recent years for improving the image of telecom, now comes the important customers in the home market over the head. Even in the face of outrage he does not retreat. “The alternative would be a price increase for all customers, which would be neither wise nor fair to our eyes,” Obermann ticked off in an open letter to German Economics Minister Philipp Rösler (FDP).

dispute over the cost of the broadband expansion

Obermann’s argument: The vast majority of customers will not notice any difference at all. First, the data cap applies only to new contracts. In addition, the data volume of most customers is dramatically lower than the announced ceilings. “As of today, only about three percent of the customers would be affected by this price change.” But the decelerator will not enter into force immediately, but only 2016.

That’s three years old – in the Internet era, a small eternity. Online video or music streaming, where flit especially many data packets through the network, are on the rise. Just this exploding data volumes also called the Telekom finally as a central reason for the need of more powerful networks. Whether it’s 2016 are still only three percent of the customers who want to push the telecom ceilings, so is another question.

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  • Obermanns in his letter also sets a direction sideswipe policy. Entitled to unlimited volume of data there can not be – “at least not as long as the necessary billions of investment and operation of the network are to be provided privately.” The dispute over the cost of the broadband expansion between politics and telecom industry has been brewing for years. Require the telecom companies that their industry is not regulated. But they found it again on deaf ears. The European Commission set up by a drastic reduction of the once some exorbitant roaming rates for calls abroad. In Germany, the power rates have been cut repeatedly in mobile communications.

    Telekom could not prevail with her intention not to retain its VDSL fiber optic network in the first years in order to pocket “pioneer profits”. Last time they got less money than hoped for the passage of other data provider on the “last mile” to the customer connection. Competitors point out that the former monopolist can draw on once more taxpayer-funded infrastructure.

    competition in the industry also heard that the competitors can stand discreetly in the telecom shitstorm alone. Vodafone and other providers quickly stressed that they are not planning any limits of this kind. And the Managing Director of the Association of Broadband Communication (Breko), Stephan Albers, predicted in “Focus” do, be that of the Telekom “run away customers in droves” if the group holds on to the model.


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