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Attack on anti-spam site - Dutch owing to huge DDoS attack ... - Sü

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27 April 2013 17:27

In Barcelona clicked the handcuffs: In the context of large-scale DDoS attack on a Swiss anti-spam service in late March a Dutchman has been arrested. He is said to have connections to a suspicious company.

In connection with the major attack on an anti-spam site end of March, a Dutchman has been arrested in Spain. The man was suspected to have been involved in the attack, said the spokesman for the Dutch public prosecutor, Wim de Bruin. The man should be soon handed over to the Dutch authorities.

The 35-year-old suspect was arrested according to prosecutors on Thursday in Barcelona. Accordingly, computers, mobile phones and data storage were seized in his apartment. Against the man was a European arrest warrant.

The website of the Switzerland-based anti-spam services Spamhaus end of March had been attacked. The Internet service provider shall send spam on a blacklist. If you land it, the house automatically filters spam messages for its customers out.

perfidious tactics

The attacker first

automatically sent numerous requests to the website of the organization in order to paralyze. To maintain their own service to help Spamhaus brought by IT security firm Cloudflare. This distributed data streams to their data centers worldwide and thus decreased the rush. However, the attackers changed their tactics: now you also opposed Cloudflare


According to reports, the attacks affected the speed of the internet world. An expert in IT security firm Kaspersky said the SZ to the end of March, by the method used, the attack could well have an effect on other areas of the Internet. “It is unlikely, however, that the attack had a significant impact on the majority of the world’s Internet users.”

Spamhaus blamed the Dutch website cyber bunker for the attack. Cyber ??Bunker had recently been listed by Spamhaus as containing unsolicited e-mails and this was criticized. The arrested 35-year-old is, according to investigators from circles around a man who describes himself on his Facebook page as “telecommunications and foreign minister” of cyber bunker.

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