Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Privacy Scandal: Siri voice commands, stores up to two years - ABC Online

Siri knows yet after two years, people are asking what the language assistant from Apple. For so long the data is kept on the server. A scandal, say consumer advocates – necessary practice defends Apple

Who Siri today asking for the weather of tomorrow get a response from Apple’s voice-controlled assistant.. But what the users do not know: All entries are made, the server stores up to two years. The reported “” on Friday.

Spokesperson of the group, Trudy Muller confirmed the saving of the entries. They also justified the acquisition of the recorded voice clips, on the grounds that records of Siri could thereby better recorded and the service to be optimized. “We take the privacy of our customers very seriously,” Muller said. So Apple will collect the data anonymously.

Basically, the following happens: As soon as the speech input is enabled, the data is assigned to a user with a randomly generated number. This number will not coupled with Apple’s user ID or an email address, write “”

After half a year the records are finally anonymously by separating the user’s number -. However stored up to 18 months. Once a user disables the voice assistant, both the identification number and all data stored so far are deleted, confirmed Muller.

div privacy advocates in the U.S. have criticized this approach. Because Apple does not clearly inform the customer about the storage. Therefore, privacy advocates call for a link that takes the user directly to Apple’s Privacy Policy in order to get a clear picture of the service before it is purchased.

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