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Suspect hackers worked out from the bunker - Spiegel Online

Madrid – The Dutchman arrested in Spain, which is in all probability is Sven Olaf Kamphuis has probably organized the much-publicized attacks on Internet nodes of a bunker. The 35-year-old is suspected to have been instrumental in one of the biggest denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) are involved in the history of the Internet. In this type of attack servers are massively flooded with requests and so paralyzed. On Saturday, he was asked about this in Madrid, a court employee said afterwards, the detainee should be transferred within the next ten days to the Netherlands


attack at issue took place in March. Target was originally the organization Spamhaus from Switzerland who leads a blacklist of spam senders in the fight against unwanted junk mail. Whoever lands on this list whose messages are filtered out and remain in the spam filters depends. The attackers, who call themselves Stop House see in Spamhaus but rather a kind of self-appointed Internet police. So reached home at Spamhaus stop and then yet another service provider. Thus, they also attracted various Internet nodes affected, so the attack had an impact on the regular network traffic.

On Thursday, the suspect was – officially named only with the initials SK – In Granollers, near Barcelona made secured. The Spanish Interior Ministry stated that the suspect had a “computer science” bunker operated in northeastern Spain, where he worked and gave interviews from which he several international media. This safe has now been discovered. For the way he took advantage of a van which was equipped with a mobile computer center and antennas, and is thus traveled through Spain.

investigators from Germany, Britain and the U.S. helped

few weeks ago Kamphuis was known as a kind of spokesman for the group Stop House in appearance. Back in March he had declared chatting with SPIEGEL ONLINE, he was afraid not afraid of being arrested because of the stop-house raids and that there are enough messages to which he could flee. It is assumed that it is just this person in the arrested man. On the hunt for him investigators were involved from the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and the U.S., the Spanish police were known.

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