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Obermann defends data throttling: Deutsche Telekom CEO counters Rösler - NEWS

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 Obermann do not want to leave sitting on the criticism of Economy Minister Roesler. Obermann do not want to leave sitting on the criticism of Economy Minister Roesler . (Photo: DAPD)

Sunday 28 April 2013

from “Drosselkom” speak the critics on the Internet. But Economy Minister Roesler responds to throttle the surfing speed anxiously for the announcement of Telekom, a certain amount of data. Well defended Deutsche Telekom CEO Obermann the procedure. He points to the small circle of those affected.

Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann defends himself against criticism of the planned data throttling the internet. In a letter to the German Economics Minister Philipp Rösler, he defended the plans, reports the “mirror”. “Terms such as net neutrality and ensuring competition” would be “abused in such a way to cement a flat rate claim to unlimited volume of data on the Internet” in the debate, was quoted from Obermann’s letter. Of the proposed price change only three per cent of customers were affected. “These customers use our network in ten to 20 times more data than the average customer who consumes 15 to 20 gigabytes per month.”

telecom marketing manager Michael Hagspihl jumped Obermann at the “Focus”. “When we introduce the volume limit, most customers will not notice this.” Investment in broadband expansion are more important than ever lower prices. Obermann said it was not true that the telecom’s own TV service “Entertain” and prefer to discriminate against rivals. Telecom’s Internet services such as video or load the telecom cloud would be deducted from the amount of data. “Entertain” however, is not a “typical Internet service, but a by-regulated by the German state media authorities separate television and media platform for our customers to pay an appropriate additional fee,” citing the “mirror” it continued.

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  • FDP politician Rösler Telekom had criticized for its plans. The project could jeopardize the equal treatment of providers on the Internet. Its position as a major shareholder of Telekom does not want the government to use his words, however offensive, to press for changes. Federal Minister for Consumer Protection Ilse Aigner of the CSU joined the criticism Rösler and demanded the “focus”: “The principle of net neutrality must not be questioned, it should be no data packets of the first and second class..” SPD Chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück admits Telekom in the magazine while “pioneer profits” for network expansion, not acceptable but are “restricted access only to the competitors of Deutsche Telekom.”

    distinguishes itself from the competition by Deutsche Telekom and does not want their model largely take over. The active in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg cable operator Unity Media plans, according to a spokeswoman for no limit Internet use. Similarly, it holds Vodafone. A spokesman for O2 had said the step was logical from the telecom industry point of view, given the rapidly increasing amounts of data. “If we launch something, we would announce the time.” The DSL provider does not brake at the moment but from its customers.

    In contrast, Germany

    cable has already introduced a limit, but a generous: From a data volume of 60 gigabytes a day of cable leader cuts the speed for the use of exchange networks. Surfing the Internet is still in normal speed possible.


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