Friday, April 26, 2013

Dispute over patents standard Microsoft Motorola defeat - NEWS

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Friday 26 April 2013

The time escalating patent lawsuits over the amount of compensation for the use of key patents could draw a landmark judgment of a U.S. court the end.

Also the Mannheim Regional Court had noted the infringement of two patents of Motorola mobile pioneer with a broad range of Microsoft products. Also, the Mannheim Regional Court had the infringement of two patents of Motorola mobile pioneer determined by a wide range of Microsoft products.

In a much-publicized dispute between Microsoft and Motorola, a U.S. court ruled that holders of basic patents standard may require only a fixed sum as a fee. Inflated billion claims of patent holders could ensure a future bar are advanced.

In the specific case called Motorola, now a division of Google, the software giant licensing fees of $ 4 billion dollars for certain patents. When it came to the innovation part of the standard for highly efficient video compression and wireless communications standards that are also used in Windows and the Microsoft Xbox game console.

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  • Microsoft had basically explained in the two years since protracted dispute willing to pay royalties to the rival – but not at the required height by Motorola. Judge James Robart now decided that the software company has to pay on the basis of a specified calculation only 1.8 million dollars annually to the Google division Motorola Mobility for use.

    The court decision was based on the fact that the price would be alone for the patents of mobile communications standard at a total price of about XBox gaming console. There were 92 different companies, the patents would have for that particular wireless standard, the court said. Would be required for each of these patents by Motorola price to be paid, the sum would be in effect on the price of the XBox.

    David Howard, deputy director of the Microsoft legal department, said the decision was for the benefit of consumers. Because that will ensure that patent technology remains affordable in the context of standard technique. A spokesman for Motorola referred to the court’s opinion that the Group has licensed its extensive patent portfolio with industry-standard rates. Motorola may go in appeal against the judgment.


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