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DSL Internet services criticize Throttling: The most important thing for the new flat ... - ABC Online

telecom landline flat is to be limited in the future. Not only video services such as watch Ever see the critical speed brake – there is also the customers still unclear. The most important questions and answers at a glance.

Telekom has announced on Monday that will apply for new customers ceilings on the monthly traffic in fixed flat rates. A decision that the online video provider Ever Watch now criticized. “The development of the internet always went from slow to fast and from the restriction to customer-friendly flat rate. Complicated volume tariffs with numerous restrictions in the small print have not worked in the past, “said Managing Director Sabine Anger

Watch Ever let the customer choice and make the offer without any restriction ready -.” This is the way to successful business models on the Internet. ” When the French company Vivendi subsidiary launched in January there is a flat rate for streaming movies and series. Up to now the use of video services such as watch Ever would use the included data volume of Deutsche Telekom customers quickly.

Since the decelerator according to Telekom but that does not take effect before 2016 and the market is changing rapidly, the consequences difficult to foresee. The customers are faced with unresolved issues.

Who are the limits?

First, it’s all about new customers, a contract of 2 May 2013 to complete. Access to the tempo brake also “not before 2016″.

What is the probability that an ordinary household exceeds the limit in his plan?

Today this can be difficult to say with regard to the year 2016. According to the Telecom today a customer comes to an average of 15 to 20 gigabytes per month. Although the fit several times in the lowest announced data cap of 75 gigabytes for connections with a speed of up to 16 Mbits per second. However, the video consumption from the grid is increasing rapidly. New TVs are Internet-aware station build their media libraries from, more and more services provide streaming movies and series on. By 2016, the data hunger of German households can grow so strong.

How far can you get with 75 gigabytes?

According to Telekom’s enough besides surfing the net and editing e-mails, for example, for ten movies in standard definition as well as three HD movies, 60 hours of Internet radio, 400 photos and 16 hours of online gaming. In a household with more than one person accumulates loosely to a higher use. However:. The in-house telecom video service Entertain not consumed at the data quota

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