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Google logo on back of a chair: The U.S. group is in targeted by the EU Commission

Google wants punishment to deal with new hits

dispute poisoned search results, Google is willing to make concessions. How about links to be identified in the future on their own offers. For advertisers are changes.

the dispute over poisoned search results, Google is willing to make concessions. How about links to be identified in the future on their own offers. Also for advertisers Changes are coming.


Google has more openness offered to Internet users in the controversy over possibly poisoned search results.

In Search for travel or restaurants, for example, should therefore be clear in the future, when search results to Google’s own specialized search services refer and so to speak, are not neutral, as the EU Commission announced .

The Authority shall submit the proposals now the competition and the public for comment before.

to trick the EU Commission, and rival companies Google has long been suspected, with display of some search results. Google could potentially manipulate search results in his favor, and that in searching for other, specialized search services, which also runs Google itself.

examples are Google Flights for air travel, Google Places for finding local businesses and Google Shopping for product searches.

Huge market share

With its general search engine Google has according to the Commission in a European market share of over 90 percent. If there is indeed unfair exploits this position as top dog in order to attract users to its own specialized services, which could be an infringement of EU competition law.

Looking up would not only competitors but also the consumer. Because they miss probably better designed pages or better deals.

why the Commission has already opened a case against the U.S. company in 2010. After much back and forth now offered at Google, “which links to its own specialized search services to identify, so that users can distinguish natural from online search results” as the authority announced. These links are to be framed, for example.

addition, Google has promised to place “links to three competing specialized search services in a clearly visible to the user location” near the links to Google’s own search services. All commitments applying to five years.

also offered remedies for criticism of its practices in three other points Google. It is also about the use of content from other websites through Google. Here it is Google future make better website operators can exclude content from the use by Google services. However, the competitive process is not busy, such as newspaper publishers are paid for their use.

dispute is also the advertising industry: How Google compel website operators on agreements to their entire search engine advertising, or at least the majority of it on Google to cover. Now, the U.S. group had offered not to do so.

Advertisers should also not be deterred to manage advertising campaigns across platforms.

announces competition test on

competing firms and the public now have one months opportunity to express their opinion on the obligations. The merger ICOMP, in which Microsoft is present is basically dissatisfied with the concessions made and announced a thorough examination. “Google should introduce the same ranking strategy for all websites,” said ICOMP.

After the EU Commission could explain the commitments legally binding and submit the case to the Court. This is not expected to happen before the summer break.

Whether Google has actually cheated, would remain open, and also the risk of a multi-million dollar penalty, the Group would have averted.

However, Google would then actually implement the commitments. Microsoft had made a similar agreement with the Commission, to Internet Explorer web browser. With the implementation of Microsoft but schluderte.

In March, the Commission imposed a fine of about 561 million euros. A spokesman for Google promised: “We will continue to work cooperatively with the European Commission.”

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