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the end of the internet flatrate "Drosselkom" at risk competition - NEWS

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Telekom deducts a certain amount of data to high-speed plug. The telecom deducts a certain amount of data to high-speed connector (photo: picture alliance / dpa).

Wednesday 24 April 2013

By Roland Peters

data on the Internet are like packages at the post office, no one looks inside, all are treated equally. The Telekom back where others have already failed. Is where the concept of flat rates without getting large households problems – and the business location Germany also


Posse in the Internet Study of the Bundestag, the European Union’s recommendation to the Member States, the money-LTE in rural areas – all of which has so far not led to the equal treatment of data has been written into a law. Only now, as the telecom and the end of their Internet flat rate announced for new customers, many go to the barricades: The plans to slow down the Internet speed at a certain volume of data, triggered strong criticism from. Also got a nickname the company missed: “Drosselkom”


The Green Party politician Malte Spitz warned the “time” before the “end of the Internet as we know it.” Rival Vodafone will introduce no limits in the fixed network: “We have no plans to slow the speed of our DSL customers,” a spokesman said. That despite the protestations of the provider remains, is anything but certain.

The Internet is currently still works as the post – all data is sent in small packets equally, regardless of the content: net neutrality. Suitable is the analogy to the Declaration of Independence: “All bits are Created Equal,” it says in a video on the topic. Startled by the announcement of Telekom calls for the unanimous opposition now a commit of this principle. The Greens are the Left and the SPD.

Wobbly argument

Peer Steinbrueck urged the IT conference “Next” the expansion of broadband Internet connections and criticized the procrastination of the CDU and FDP. “We are far behind in broadband, even behind Romania,” the SPD chancellor candidate. The market alone can not address that. Rather, should the duty of care providers, as it applies to electricity, water and telephone connections are also introduced for broadband.

80 billion euros would cost the network expansion, argues the telecom, get one for a nationwide fiber structure in Germany. But the argument is shaky. If it is true that currently only three percent of customers exceeded the upper limits presented on Monday, it currently only go to 44 million euros a year, expects pointed ago. So the company will be hoping internally that other providers also make the step into the past and continue to rise at the same time, the data transfer rates.

be Almost certainly need to pay more: How about a movie with ultra-HD resolution of the new TV generation will be at least 100 gigabytes, Sony indicates. Also probably coming for Christmas new game consoles provide content with 3840 times 2160 represents the Japanese already announced to want to offer Ultra-HD movies online. Households with more than two people who share a connection will get with the new tariff structure problems.

step into the past

From 2

May, will apply to new customers, the limits on the monthly traffic. So can reduce the speed of the telecom lines at a speed up to 16 megabits per second, when the data volume exceeds 75 gigabytes. The decelerator is to present plans fall from about 2016.

But why the step of Telekom back where others have already failed? With the collapse of the so-called “New Market” around the turn of the millennium that the ISP’s concepts were at the end of the first year. Bundle offers, inducements to keep the customer in the same network. CompuServe and AOL are well known examples. The Telekom is trying the same thing. Although the network had finally prevailed only with the establishment of flat rates instead of minutes and data traffic rates.

Foreseeable consequences

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  • The economic consequences of the telecom model are foreseeable. About Google agrees with you to exempt its services from the throttling, the U.S. company can do more with data-hungry slog. And submit this simple dollar bundle on the table. As the net neutrality is undermined so that Americans would hardly fear competition.

    expert Sascha Lobo makes the problem more clearly: “Even the smartest start-up would have no chance, however, because it was going to reason about from the fourth user’s own success.” In other words, pulling other provider about equal competition in the network would be the end



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