Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Throttling Data Diet Telekom would leave many starve - Times Online

Who books have internet at Telekom, gets only a limited amount of data. But how much are 75 gigabytes really, how long can you surf it?

A manifestly defective telephone junction box

A manifestly defective telephone junction box

Telekom wants to make more money. Or, as the official announcement of the Group’s conversion rate expresses Marketing Manager Michael Hagspihl: “More and more bandwidth but can not be financed with ever-lower prices.” Since their request, to require cost-sharing YouTube and Co., have had no success, Telekom now first collected by the customer, so as ultimately to blackmail the content provider.

rates up to 16 megabits per second – and especially in rural areas, there is often no faster promotions – must be downloaded 75 gigabytes per month. Are the abgesurft, the data throughput is throttled violently. The peak tariffs that allow much faster surfing but are also much more expensive to receive up to 400 gigabytes at the basic price of EUR 64.95 per month.


75 gigabytes currently appear indeed as much – only with e-mail, browsing and occasional online shopping you can not use this volume. “In addition to surfing the net and editing of messages, this volume is sufficient for example for ten movies in standard definition, plus three HD movies, plus 60 hour Internet radio, plus 400 photos and 16 hours of online gaming,” said Telekom. But that is only half the truth.

The data diet plan

There are only the “customers with high traffic” to be affected, the Telekom. But these are more than expected in doubt. Even today, many reach this limit, without you also run data-intensive applications such as file sharing, video editing or excessive downloads.

alone who reinstalled Windows 7 from the original DVD, it invites from Microsoft servers down about 1.6 gigabytes of updates. Mind you, only for Windows. Contains the installed software like Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop fails with more gigabytes the download footprint. Who operates multiple computers on a DSL connection, does well to distribute installations on different months.

children in the home could also be a problem if they want to play on the computer: Even an old game like online America’s Army causes a download volume of 3.9 gigabytes. Newer games can keep up with no problems there – even if the purchaser acquired the program as a DVD or Blu-Ray, updates are in the range of several gigabytes are not uncommon. The games industry is going with the range of customers to wasteful.

A few examples: The e-paper edition of the newspaper comes easily to one gigabyte per month, an hour a day Spotify consumes 15 gigabytes per month. Unless you download the music to your phone via the T-Mobile cellular network – there, the traffic of the telecom cooperation partner Spotify is not counted. But what after reports of many customers do not always work, then live off the songs but again the bandwidth.

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