Monday, April 22, 2013

Cybercrime: Hackers copy credit card information from tour operators - Times Online

unknowns have access to credit card data of customers gives that stores the company TravelTainment for travel agencies such as Opodo and DER Touristik.

unknown have broken into the data center and several tour operators have stolen credit card data. A spokeswoman for the travel service provider TravelTainment said on Monday that “there has been an unauthorized access by third parties to credit card data of a relatively small customer base.” The state police of North Rhine-Westphalia determined.

According complete credit card records were copied from the servers TravelTainment, including credit card type, credit card number, CVV number (the three digit security number on the back of the card), expiration date, and name, address and e Email the owner. TravelTainment data processors, among other things and collected such data for the implementation of bookings. Opodo customers need, it says in , “expect criminals to go shopping with her credit card.”


exactly the perpetrators were able to access the data and whether these templates unencrypted, TravelTainment would not tell on request. Based on the investigation of the LKA is “unable to provide further information and thereby jeopardizing the investigation may” see themselves.

Aachen prosecutor confirmed the facts, but made no further information. “We will not give further details on this matter known of the investigation for tactical reasons,” said Attorney General Robert Deller.

be blocked credit card

Several tour operators such as and DER Touristik appealed to customers who had recently booked a trip. They were advised to monitor their account activity and to have possibly lock their credit card.

“We have now closed this gap,” said the spokeswoman TravelTainment. The slump was on 11 April has been discovered. Immediately send the company customers, credit card companies and the North Rhine-Westphalia state police were informed. Affected were “partial credit card information to a relatively small number of customers,” it said in a written notice of TravelTainment headquartered in Würselen.

Opodo wrote in a press release: “The products operated by us such as flights, hotels and car rentals, and other services offered by third parties on our behalf were affected at any time.”

“Almost all the German travel industry,”

According to the company is working “almost all the German travel industry” with TravelTainment. It is part of Amadeus IT Group SA (Madrid), the software for finding and offering postings of destinations. TravelTainment claims to be a sales platform for tourism services partner of domestic and international travel portals like , or .

In recent months, several incidents have fueled doubts about the security of e-commerce. So that also active in the travel industry Leipziger Internet companies Unister fell because of various security leaks in the headlines. The company should not have secured properly in the past, credit card information from customers. In addition, a leak of information about customers was known who had booked on the Unister page Ryanair flights. Their data were occasionally visible on the Internet.

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