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DSL: SPD wants to prevent choking by law - Chip Online

SPD vs. Telecom: The Reds lie down with the giant pink on.

The headwind for the German Telekom is getting fierce: After countless angry protests from their own clients and other Internet users, now the policy mixes in the dispute over the DSL throttling a

SPD. has indicated that they would not accept without a fight the violation of net neutrality by Telekom. Lars Klingbeil, the network-policy spokesman of the SPD parliamentary group, writes: “The announcement of a possible throttling of broadband access and the privilege of their own services is the need for legislative action to ensure net neutrality: There are already numerous violations of net neutrality and the current projects endanger the Net neutrality massive. now paying the price that the black-yellow coalition wanted to put in securing the network neutrality alone on the market. “

telecom tariff options 2016: Threaten us soon as conditions in this satirical infographic? (Image:

Klingbeil refers here to the announcement of telecom, web traffic specific to exclude from the calculation of the inclusive. According to existing plans should not be counted against the included volume of the Treaty, including the IPTV service Entertain. Competitive offerings to telecom service, such as Apple iTunes, max cathedrals or Watch Ever hand, would drive the user quickly to the throttle. This violation of the principle that the internet all data should be treated gleichberechtig and transmitted (“net neutrality”), wants the SPD prevent by law.

“The SPD parliamentary group calls the black-yellow coalition and the federal government to their net political finally abandon inaction and net neutrality enshrine in law. Net neutrality has given the project under discussion here are finally enshrined in law. It is the basis for the freedom and innovation of the Internet. [...] The SPD parliamentary group is now a new parliamentary initiative on the way bring to permanently protect net neutrality and non-discrimination., the black-yellow coalition would be well advised not to block this project any longer. “

would like the future of internet use like if net neutrality remains so trampled As is shown in the graphic above by Andre Vatter for a fictitious new T-DSL tariff structure in 2016.


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