Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SMS is dying out: WhatsApp & Co win race - Chip Online

party mood: Messenger winning the fight against texting.

There are amazing numbers, which are the known market research firm Informa: Already in 2012, more short messages were sent via free WhatsApp Messenger as a classic text. According to the analysts rushed but last year every day around 17.6 billion and 19.1 billion free SMS text messages through the networks

And in completely different conditions. Theoretically Send SMS 3.5 billion people, only about 600 million have access to WhatsApp & Co – but six times a day to settle with nearly 33 messages per day more often a message

In 2013, the market observers expect an even greater migration of customers towards free news. Whole 41 billion against just 19 billion SMS messages per day experts predict


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