Saturday, April 20, 2013

Internet: Viacom loses billion lawsuit against YouTube - Augsburger Allgemeine

The media conglomerate Viacom has demanded compensation from YouTube – and lost. There was no indication that YouTube support copyright infringement, the court said.


Viacom loses suit against YouTube: A U.S. court has rejected a billion-dollar lawsuit against the video sharing Web site YouTube again


The media group Viacom have been unable to prove that YouTube Copyright Infringement support to make a profit, ruled Judge Louis Stanton, confirming his own judgment of 2010. An appeals court had asked him to review the matter again.


Viacom wanted billions of dollars in damages

“There is no evidence that YouTube seduces its users to upload videos to Copyright offending,” Stanton ruled.

addition, the Internet giant Google owned video portal’s users have neither asked to provide certain content on the platform, users still conducted specifically to illegal content.

Viacom operates numerous television channels, including the music channel MTV. In addition, the film studio Paramount is part of the media group. The company had sued YouTube in 2007 and claimed several billion dollars in damages for copyright infringement.

Judge Stanton was, however, in its first sentence that YouTube and Google are protected by the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” of 1998, the Internet service provider protects against the consequences of copyright infringements of their users. afp

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