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25 April 2013 10:00

scene from “Chaos of Mass Effect”

(Photo: Daedalic )

first-person shooter computer games were previously in the measure of things. But now the adventure games come back – “Chaos of Mass Effect” has won the German Computer Games Price. Why is the successor of “Monkey Iceland” and “Maniac Mansion” are currently so popular.

With the award of “Chaos of Mass Effect” Daedalic as the best German computer game puts a genre into the center, which had already long been dead, but is currently experiencing a revival. adventure game – Adventure

Last year won with “Crysis 2″ the most important German still a shooter game prize, this time had favored the war shooter “SpecOps: The Line” left behind. At the German Developer Award 2012, he was still recognized as the best German game.

“Chaos of Mass Effect” comes in a wayward cartoon graphics, and therefore builds on the content of its predecessor, “Mass Effect”. It lives on the eponymous hero Rufus garbage planet and dreams of a better life in the “upper classes”. In the second part, he now has his girlfriend Goal assist those whose consciousness has split after a brain surgery in three fragments. By puzzle, combine, trying out different scenarios, the player eventually reaches its destination.

This is classic adventure game style, where no blood flows pixels. According to the jury, the adventure game takes you into a “unique game world, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Matt Groening not insane could invent.”

Legendary titles such as “Monkey Iceland” or “Maniac Mansion”

computer classic games From chainsaw gasoline and laser swords

The Adventures arrived in the mid-1980s on, with the now legendary songs like “Monkey Iceland”, “Maniac Mansion” or “Day of the Tentacle” from the now settled Studio LucasArts. About ten years had fun at the click of computer players and Dice, then the first person shooter as “Doom” and “Wolfenstein 3D” came on the market.

you had better graphics, faster gameplay (or, as computer game insiders say gameplay) and the multiplayer mode was invented. These games were suddenly much cooler than the harmless adventures with their puzzles. They were relegated to gathering dust while the shooter always better selling and influential genre of an entire industry were. Even the game developers followed the money and produced henceforth prefer shooter. 2001, for example no significant Adventure was developed.

However, in recent years there has been a revival of the genre. With games like “The Walking Dead” by Telltale Games, “The Cave” from “Monkey Iceland” creator Ron Gilbert or with the also published by Daedalic “Machinarium” some content groundbreaking and commercially successful games came on the market.

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