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Volume limit for DSL tariffs - Deutsche Telekom CEO Obermann justifies speed limit - Sü

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29 April 2013 11:32

The outrage was great when known, Telekom announced that they will introduce a volume limit on their DSL rates and prefer their own offers. Now, the company defended in an open letter: We therefore did not violate the net neutrality as “entertainment” is not an Internet Service


After fierce criticism of the proposed data-limits in the fixed network CEO René Obermann has plans in an open letter defending. “The alternative would be a price increase for all customers, which would be neither wise nor fair to our eyes,” Obermann argued in the letter to the German Economics Minister Philipp Rösler (FDP). He refers to the increase in data volumes and the billion investment that would provide for the expansion of the telecom networks.

Telekom intends to introduce at flat rates for fixed limits on the volume of data, from which the speed is reduced drastically. Who wants to quickly surf the Internet, then this book could further data quota. The new regime is of 2 May, will be enshrined in the new contracts. To actually grab the decelerator but not before 2016. Obermann had both the accusation, Telekom contrary to the plan against net neutrality because their TV service will not count Entertain in the dataset.

“The Internet as telecom services, telecom cloud and others are also included in the volume available individually such as the services of competitors, such as Google or Amazon.” Entertain is, however, no Internet service, “but one of the country’s media institutions regulated by separate television and media platform for our customers to pay an appropriate additional fee.”

response to Rösler

Obermann’s letter is dated last Thursday, he was released by the telecom late Sunday on the Internet. It was in response to a letter from Rösler middle of last week, which was immediately leaked to media. This was a result of the Minister “concerned” and warned of possible restrictions for flat rate customers. Federal Government and competition authorities would “pursue the further development in relation to a different treatment may own and other services very carefully in terms of net neutrality.”

Telekom in Germany remains a dominant position: Seven out of ten German households have a telecom connection. The company has sovereignty over most lines. And the state is closely connected with the company as a major shareholder.

The protests against the telecom company, meanwhile, plans to continue. Thus, the petition of 18-year-old high school graduates from Dusseldorf Malte Götz found on the protest platform more than 100,000 supporters. Goetz says, “Deutsche Telekom will own deals as entertainment, the volume of throttling means that customers are aware of other streaming providers at a disadvantage because the bandwidth is not sufficient at a certain point this is a cut in the network neutrality…” With its user-protest, he wants to move Telekom to rethink.

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    volume limit for DSL rates federal government is “concerned” about telecom plans

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