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René Obermann comments on criticism of flat-abolition - Gulli

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René Obermann

René Obermann

The biggest German Internet Service Provider Telekom for a few days is already in the criticism. The trigger was the announcement of the company to abandon the classic flat rate offer about 2016. From then on, the connection of each client should be reduced to only 384 kilobits per second after exceeding a collectively agreed data limit.

the affected customer outrage was so great that even the German Economics Minister Philipp Rösler (FDP) intervened and turned into a fiery letter to Telekom. Among other things, the group was accused of preference by regulating their own Internet services by traffic incurred would not be deducted from the monthly data counter there. This criticism had the CEO René Obermann now in its response back vehemently. So of telecom services such as video load were not excluded from the monthly limit. One exception only imagine the television service Entertain there, because of their status as of the German state media authorities regulated by separate television and media platform.

Obermann says, that the terminology is being abused in the current net neutrality debate to “ to cement a flat rate claim to unlimited volume of data on the Internet “. Took a similar position willing spokesman of the group, Philip Blank. This made it clear recently that, although the telecom stand for the free and open Internet, but this had nothing to do with a free Internet culture.

recently told the head of the company, in its reply, that about 97 percent of the customers were not affected by the price change. With this assumption, Obermann based on propagated in the past of Frequent assertion that three per cent of customers would cause 30 percent of total traffic. “ These customers use our power 10 – to 20-times more data than the average customer who consumes 15 to 20 gigabytes per month “, says the Managing Director


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  • Novgorod on 29.04.2013 03:13:59

    The market is so competitive that I now lean times far out the window tell us, there will always be some providers without throttling, which are also much cheaper than the pink carnival club. So what? na but that is very naive .. just …

  • TAB on 29.04.2013 02:12:56

    I do not understand all the hysteria quite. The Telekommiker can write in in your contract what they want. If it has not existed tens grounds on which to sign a contract, then surely by now. The market is so competitive that I’m now m …

  • sumpfratte_ on 29.04.2013 01:07:53

    Addendum: Should not glad that I located it for good … but this justify ala I need the traffic for game XYZ and film 123 is a low-Nuts on the LOL, welcome to the Inet you sow. What are we doing here without traffic? I had maid in …

  • PsYcHo_O on 29.04.2013 00:39:10

    97 percent of customers they would keep the price stable anyway. The point I find particularly great. In the last press release it was still that it was irresponsible that 97% subsidize the 3%. Whom they subsidize because there …

  • Goldsteal on 29.04.2013 00:24:49


    times of the Lords of the Telekom please ask what the average internet user then pays a 50 Mbit line? If you use only 20 GB a month to get a 6 Mbps line-no surfing behavior such small amounts that contains something which causes you not au …

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