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Computer Games Price for Romance on the landfill

The most expensive German video game of all time was the price of computer games yet. Instead, put a title continued his triumph, which is more reminiscent of games from the past.

The most expensive German video game of all time was the price of computer games yet. Instead, put a title continuing its triumph, which is more reminiscent of games from the past. From


It is a remarkable character that sets the German Computer Games Price: Not the millionaire called “Spec Ops: The Line” (development costs: between 30 and 40 million euros) took the most coveted award of the local games industry, but all things, a comic adventure, not thrilled with the innovative game mechanics, but with a loving character design and a romantic love story in a landfill. The price for the “best German game” went to “mess on Mass Effect”.

as buckling before the protests that there was last year, when the first-person shooter “Crysis 2″ won the award, one can hardly evaluate. After making “Spec Ops: The Line”. Ahead clear on several occasions that it to is a anti-war shooter in the title, which was developed by the Berlin studio Yager

Full text dedicated to the legacy of “Apocalypse Now,” he playfully should warn of the consequences of the war. Has not passed. Just as the record-breaking development sums that exceed anything that has seen the German games industry to date.

longest totgesagtes Genre

For Daedalic, the makers of the winning title of “chaos on Mass Effect”, the distinction is, however, another success in an already successful career: For the fifth year in a row were the developers “Best German Game” nominated in the category – since the introduction of the price the company was represented in Hamburg every year


that despite the aim of the German market, to compete with the large international blockbuster titles, an adventure game wins the award, is both surprising and groundbreaking: The game represents a genre that has long since been declared dead -. experiences with such awards it a new boost

In a video post during the awards ceremony U.S. developers Legend Tim Schafer joked (Monkey Iceland): “Adventure games are gone They are available only in dreams, in fantasies… and in Germany. “

brand of the gaming industry

text adventure games could be the second brand of the games industry. The first stay mobile games and browser games. The prices in the two categories secured “Word Wonders: The Tower Of Babel” (Best Mobile Game) in Games in Flames “Forge of Empires” (Best Browser Game) by InnoGames


latter is a building simulation, which is reminiscent of genre classics such as “Age of Empires” – not necessarily innovative, but a flawless implementation of a perennially popular genre


“Word Wonders: The Tower Of Babel”, however, drew attention to himself with an unusual concept: Instead of conventional battles, players duel in a kind of “Scrabble”, forms long words to inflict damage to the opponent.

Among the presenters of the evening included, among other things, the comedian Kurt Kroemer, the musician, the Bo, members of the rock band Donots and Boss Hoss and the moderators Collien Fernandes elm and Johanna Klum . The event was opened by Bernd Neumann, Minister for Culture and Media, who also gave the most important award of the evening – the award for the “Best German Game” to “chaos on Mass Effect”


The other winners of the night:

Best Newcomer Concept: “Play Ground” (HAW Hamburg)

Best Serious Game: “man on the run” (Serious Games Solutions)

Best Children’s Game: “My first app” (appp media)

Best Youth Game: “Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers” (Black Pants Studio)

then conferred LARA Awards went to:

Best International Video Game: “The Walking Dead” (Telltale Games)

Best International Game Console: “Dishonored – The Mask of Wrath” (Arcana)

Best International Mobile Gaming: “Rayman” (Ubisoft)

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Adventure Game

“chaos on Mass Effect” plays at the highest level

computer image

Trash Games


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