Monday, April 22, 2013

Bandwidth throttling: Telecom severs landline flat rates - Heise Newsticker

The German Telekom has officially confirmed that they are the future for all broadband connections in the fixed network, a volume restriction is introduced after this information was leaked in advance. 2nd May include the specifications for all new contracts, a fixed bandwidth throttling depending on the transfer volume, which for the time being existing customers are not affected.

So far, such a clause in the telecom was only for VDSL and fiber optic connectors with 25 to 200 Mbit / s downstream. Depending on the data rate of the connection hitting the throttle to 75 (up to 16 Mbit / s) to 400 gigabytes per month (at 200 Mbit / s), the restricted data rate is consistently 384 kbit / s – bandwidth-hungry services can not therefore use

  • Internet with a bandwidth of up to 16 Mbit / s (ADSL2 +), 75 GB transfer volume
  • Internet with a bandwidth of up to 50 Mbit / s (VDSL): 200 GB transfer volume
  • Internet with a bandwidth of up to 100 Mbit / s (fiber port or VDSL vectoring): 300 GB transfer volume
  • Internet with a bandwidth of up to 200 Mbit / s (fiber optic connection): 400 GB transfer volume
  • For the time being is a restriction but practically not take place, the Telecom secures only a right to be. When the implementation successes, hang “of the development of traffic from the Internet.” “We have assumed that we technically do not implement the limitation before 2016,” said Michael Hagspihl, Director of Marketing at Telekom Germany.

    Once the throttle is implemented, customers should be able to buy additional transfer volume without bandwidth limitation on options above. The conditions for this are not yet fixed. The use of IPTV (entertainment), the VoIP Anschusses Telekom and sharing the connection via “WLAN to go” do not count on the volume. The Telekom establishes the fact that the customer pays for these services separately. Civil rights and consumer advocates criticize this practice as a violation of net neutrality.

    Telecom establishes its pace with the ever-increasing transfer volume that do require a continuous network expansion. A nationwide fiber optic infrastructure would cost Germany 80 billion euros, Telekom says. It is in this respect only to the house connections. The bottlenecks but the backbone and regardless of whether DSL or fiber can be used on the last mile. Internet connections with higher data rates would even aggravate congestion on the backbone yet. (uma)

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