Monday, April 29, 2013

"DUST 514": Intergalactic shooter to "Eve Online" starts in May -

Zsolt William, 29 April 2013, 09:21

“DUST 514″, CCP’s shooter in the universe of “Eve Online”, appears on 14 Of May for PlayStation 3 The game is available for free after the Free2Play model and promises over the coming years, continually updates and new content. “It has taken many years to reach this point, we are grateful for the commitment of hundreds of CCP employees and millions of players who have given us fantastic feedback during the beta phase,” said Hilmar Veigar Maataar, CEO of CCP .

battle for supremacy

With the launch of DUST 514 escalates the battle for intergalactic domination in New Eden as the DUST Mercenaries make their way to fame and glory – anyone can topple empires. The manufacturers promise huge battlefields, futuristic weapons and vehicles for which there are numerous customization options, allowing players to design their strategic advantage, their tactics and their style of fighting with cunning and skill. Players are able to command their troops and have to fight for control of bases. Up to 32 players simultaneously take part in the battles.

centers in New Eden

“DUST 514″ is fully connected with New Eden, the setting of the space MMO “EVE Online”, the play currently 500,000 subscribers. While “DUST” players wage war, the output of each ground fighting affects the persistent universe. The course of the war will always set again for the legions of players. Mercenaries can get through coordination with the spaceship pilots from “EVE Online” an advantage by deploying devastating orbital strikes against the enemy forces.

warriors can join together to form corporations with thousands of members or as a lone start hunting bounties. Who wants to get a taste of the pre-shooter, this may up to about 14 May make available beta version. (Zw,, 04/29/2013)

(Video: “DUST 514 / EVE Online: Battle for Caldari Prime Trailer”)

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