Saturday, March 28, 2015

US military sell weapons and technology on the Internet – German Economic News

The Department of Defense of the United States has apparently lost control of domestic weapons and armor units. On the internet sell military weapons and high-tech equipment. However, the US Navy refers to the illegal sales, but has little handle to tackle it.

The US Naval Criminal Investigative Service ( NCIS) reports on illegal sales of US arms on the Internet. (Screenshot)

A military monocular microscope, which is not for civilian use is intended, was released in December 2014 unused condition for sale on eBay. (Screenshot)

The Department of Defense of the United States appeared to take control of domestic weapons and armor units lost. On various online auction houses like eBay can night vision devices or thermal’s imaging of the US military used to locate improvised explosive devices that are acquired.

“Since 2009, a part of this advanced hardware is reported missing and is actively sold on a variety of websites, “reports the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) in an intended only for internal use document entitled” Diversion and Illegal Sales of Restricted USG Optical Systems “. The military units are sold at 13 sites under the headings sports equipment, fishing tackle and camping equipment. Sellers are apparently active or former US soldiers. A total of 32,000 military units were originally distributed as part of a 750-million dollar Pentagon program to US soldiers and are not intended for civilian use.

In December 2014, eBay military monocular microscope BAE Systems was released for sale. What is noticeable in the product description that the device is said to have been unused. 2012 NBC News reported that US troops to sell stolen weapons to US gangs and foreign states. NBC News based its report on a report of NCIS.

The United States is fighting on other levels with problems of arms control. In 2011, the ex-Marine Dakota Meyer sued his employer BAE Systems. The US defense group to have sold night vision equipment to Pakistan. Meyer feared a transfer of technology which could be detrimental for US troops in Pakistan at the end. The NCIS joined these concerns, without mentioning specifically Pakistan. The dispute between Meyer and BAE Systems was settled in late 2011.


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