Friday, March 13, 2015

Eyes Headlight control: Presentation of new eye tracking technology from Opel –

Opel has introduced a new lighting system with a so-called eye tracking technology. It uses sensors to the driver’s eyes scan and thus allow control via the eyes command. Pioneering technology or gimmick?

Opel currently is working on a new lighting technology for the future. It is an eye-tracking system scan with the striking between five to ten points cameras as eyes and nose and it can read the viewing direction. The headlights are based on the results turn aligned, that is. With this method, the light range adjustment of headlights could automatically adapt to the needs of the driver

The technology the data from the scanner be converted into a special module and directly forwarded to the servomotors of the headlights. These can then convert the beam width and orientation of the lights immediately.

I watch the driver more than 50 times per second

once somewhere else or is otherwise distracted – is it dark, the extremely nimble cameras make use infrared sensors and photodiodes that the eyes can still be read. a delay algorithm ensures that not every eye movement is converted directly into a light pulse. In addition, the low beam remains in its normal function in addition permanently available


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