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Radar Controls: What to Know Raser – Business Week

The alarm clock over hears dawdled in the bathroom and then the garbage in front of the car: Those in a hurry, is more pronounced on the gas, as it is allowed. Others tend to lead foot. This can be expensive.

With the debate over the controversial car toll also the discussion about road safety in Germany is safe again. So also with the German Traffic Court, which took place in late January. In addition to demanding a toll for all needs to be done for safety on German roads more so Erdland Alexander, president of the General Association of the German Insurance Association (GDV). The common set of car manufacturers, automobile clubs and insurers aim to reduce the number of road deaths by 2020 to 2000 was far away. Thus, about 3,300 people were estimated by the Federal Statistical Office in 2014 as in previous years again died in traffic.

Speed ​​limits required

It is true now “to move up a gear” for once, and that for more traffic safety, Erdland said. Action would be mainly on country roads, where about 60 percent of all traffic fatalities are to be deplored.

What need to know Raser

  • number of speed cameras in Germany

    Throughout Germany, there are 4231 speed cameras. Worldwide leigt Germany in order to number five on the speedcam States: fourth prove the USA with 5647 speed cameras, United Kingdom follows with 5754 speed cameras in third place. The second place goes to Italy with 6884 speed cameras and the first place to Brazil with proud 14,395 speed cameras.

  • Germany speedcam capitals

    Most speed traps are in Berlin: In the capital are 22 fixed speed cameras. There are also 100 mobile speed cameras. Runner-up is Dusseldorf with 37 fixed and mobile speed cameras. Then Hamburg comes with 34 speed cameras, Stuttgart 32, Freiburg with 24 and Bremen and Aalen with 20 speed cameras.

  • What cities most with their flashers earn

    The German Bar Association (DAV) surveyed 150 cities, how high their revenue from speed cameras in year have been in 2012. Not included in the ranking are cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, as cities have not responded despite legal obligation to provide information to the request of the DAV. “From the endorsed cities we have so far only 34 questionnaires, some with incomplete information, get back. Six of these cities also have the transferred data released for publication,” said Jens Dötsch from the DAV.

    The third place went to the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital Dusseldorf: 5.3 million euro took the city in 2012 by a safety cameras. The city of Dortmund conceded – downscaled to all registered cars – 27,75 Euro per car. Net cash outflow for seven million euros in the household budget. And of all the car city Stuttgart in 2012 earned most of their racers: 7.9 million euro took the capital of Baden-Württemberg alone by a speed camera. Are approved per passenger cars, the 28.07 euros.

  • Speed ​​Camera Warning

    Special smartphone apps and most navigation systems warn drivers of speed cameras. This may be instructive, but both are also “clearly illegal,” said the Hamburg lawyer Uwe Toben, transportation experts, Criminal Law. For the Highway Code prohibits the use of technical devices that are “intended to display traffic control measures or disturb”. Why this is so and whether a cell phone falls into that category at all anyone’s guess. The paragraph is from a time when neither smart phones still gave navigation devices in it. Attorney romp can also remember any case in which someone has run into problems because of its mobile app. “Where no plaintiff, because no judge,” says romp.
    According to manufacturer also touts the navigation tomtom on its website for just under 30 euros expensive service that warns “with sufficient lead time” speed camera. The service make the roads safer, the company claims
    And the legislature did not oppose any form of speed camera warning something. The radio station as may speed camera alerts. . Where the legal boundary between devices such as mobile phones or navigation systems is drawn right here, no one knows for sure

  • When do you get points?

    Anyone who is up to 20 items to fast, they have rechnnen only by a fine of up to 30 € , From 21 mph to much the height of the Verwarngeldes already rises to 70 Euros and there is a point in Flensburg. The complete catalog of fines can be found here, BTW.

  • From when there is a driving ban

    Let Anyone on the highway 41 or more miles per hour over the limit driving a car for at least one month must stand. Within a community there already from a speeding 31 km / h, one month driving ban.

  • speed camera without flash

    In many German states are already Blitzer without flash. In June 2014 led – after North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Lower Saxony, Bremen and Thuringia – Bavaria also the system TraffiStar 330 a. The system delivers clear images both day and night, without blinding the driver from lightning. In so-called Black Robot Flash technology is an infrared flash is used, which is nearly invisible to the human eye. In addition, the calculated TraffiStar 330, the speed of the vehicles on the basis of the path that the car has traveled in a given time. Critics, however, say that with this technology, the “educational effect” fall away because of Raser only learns when opening the penalty notice of his speeding.

  • range radar

    The range radar works similar to the speed camera without flash: The speed of a car driver is controlled over a longer section. For a camera photographed each vehicle at the beginning of the section from behind. At the end of the track the car is detected again. When a vehicle travels the route at a time, which can be achieved only by the transgression of the speed limit, the vehicle will be flashed again. In Lower Saxony starts in the spring of 2015, approximately 18 months long field experiment with the technology. There, the driver will be clearly indicated on this form of control. . Experience with the technology already exists in Europe

  • How to the-range radar bypasses

    So notorious racer in Italy have the range radar already outsmarted: You rush through the first part of the track at high speed. Then the driver at a truck stop drinking an espresso and goes after the short break. He remains altogether under the speed limit.

  • The photo is no longer evidence

    Currently, some photos that have been taken up flash units, not as evidence because they violate the “right to informational self-determination”. So if you get a nasty letter and the picture can – despite crisp Photo – pretend not to know who was driving the car at the relevant time

  • The GDV President called on political leaders to spend more money for the construction of safety barriers in front of trees and “willingness speed limits on overtaking or to order”. Much discussed, for example, whether on country roads speed should be 80 instead of 100 kilometers per hour allowed. However, a shield alone helps of course anything yet, because many motorists are driving too fast.


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