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Apple wants to make the networked watch for most personal computer and an indispensable fashion accessory.

By Jürgen Stüber

Photo: AFP Apple CEO Tim Cook is in San Francisco’s new SmartWatch ago

Apple launched in April a new MacBook and Apple networked watch watch on the market. It is available in aluminum, steel and 18-karat gold. Furthermore, the electronics giant announced at an event on Monday in San Francisco medicine platform Research Kit

The Smart Watch is a sense of déjà vu. Just over 40 years ago since the electronics manufacturer Casio digital watches brought to the market. They showed not only the time. Most were able to stop, possessed a compass, a height and depth gauge or a calculator. These were the first smartwatches. They were clunky and ended up going out of fashion.

of the most personal device connected people

The SmartWatch trend, Apple wants to revive. The watch will be in addition to computer and smartphone most personal device of connected people. Since the advent of smartphones, there is really no reason to wear a clock on your wrist: Whether Android, Windows or Apple smartphone: Each device shows that the hour has struck. Watches were yesterday, unless they come from Rolex or Patek Philippe.

Apple specializes in lifestyle

Apple faces from the beginning as a lifestyle Producer: The white iBook are legendary, the music player iPod anyway. To date, iPhone and iPad are standard features not only the hipsters. Other manufacturers have never been able to celebrate this cult. With the new Apple Watch the company intends to strengthen this position and get the product out of the niche. Competitors such as Samsung, LG and Motorola try with limited success partly since-2013.

What the new SmartWatch can

Apple demonstrated with first apps to the utility of the clock: it shows the next time weather and calendar entries, text messages and e-mails. It can be used the music player connected iPhone control and make phone calls. The clock features Apple’s Siri voice assistant and can transmit data – from news to your own heartbeat. It is suitable for contactless and cashless payments for recording activity data during exercise, to open hotel doors and check-in with the digital ticket.

What the clock costs

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes (38 and 42 mm diameter) and in three collections on April 24 on the German market entry model is the sports collection of aluminum with colored bracelets for 399-449 Euro. The next highest collection is made of steel. It costs depending on the bracelet 649-1249 euros. The model of gold will cost from 11,000 euros. So Apple could create a ticket to the club of world class fashion brands.

A new MacBook at the start

Apple has made once more, to re-invent the notebook. The new 12-inch MacBook is only 13.1 mm thick, comes with a resolution sharp Retina display, a large trackpad, a new technology for backlit buttons, an energy-saving processor and a battery that is built up in layers and thus 35 percent greater than can be in previous models. The device connects to the outside world via USB-C standard. This connector is for power and data transfer. The device will consume 30 percent less energy than previous models and remain functional for up to ten hours of film playback from iTunes. It is available from April 10 and will cost from € 1,449.

Platform for Medical Research

The Medical Research Platform Kit to researchers collecting ease of data for long-term studies and provide patients with medical diagnostic apps – especially for diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, asthma and diabetes. Apple insured not to collect user data and deliver the software environment freely available (open source)

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