Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mannheim lucky stone base: New part of the Technology Center is … – Rhein-Neckar Zeitung

Yesterday was the second phase of construction the technology incubator Mafinex opened at the Lindenhof. Photo: Gerold

From Jan Millenet

Mannheim’s startup scene has gained another point of contact , The second phase of the Mafinex Technology Center at the Lindenhof was officially opened on Tuesday. With a total of two sections of over 8000 square meters, it is now the largest business incubator in the region and with a value of nearly 22 million euros the most valuable administrative building of the city of Mannheim.

“It is an important measure for the city “Thus also said Mayor Peter Kurz in his opening speech. Mannheim is a city founder, whose targeted promotion to none. “Nowhere else is there such a wide range of start-ups,” said Short.

And the recognition is also reflected in the EU-project promotion resist. With a total investment of 11 million euros, the country supported with funds totaling 2.5 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and additional state funds the construction of the second section.

About 200 companies are short already emerged loud in Mafinex. These include major companies that now employ more than 100 employees in part, world-wide. “This shows the potential that can develop from such a center.”

The first phase of Mafinex is already at full capacity. In the new part of the first tenants have moved in with 60 employees. “This will probably triple over time,” predicted short, the already spoke of plans for a further phase of construction.

New in the second section is a childcare provision by which the incubator further incentives for young entrepreneurs want to create. The association Sterntaler takes care of the children from zero to three years. Is childcare provision underutilized, may also residents of the district Lindenhof, where the technology center is located, use the services.

Secretary of Commerce Peter Hofelich spoke of an outstanding project. “The country supports cities such as Mannheim with funding from the European Regional Development Fund, so that they are prepared for the European challenges of structural change and expand its competitiveness,” he said. Mannheim took a chance and evolved in recent years from a pure industrial site into a center for innovation, technology, service and creative industries. “Just what we need in Baden-Württemberg is a good climate for entrepreneurs so that new ideas and jobs can be created.”, So Hofelich

3500 square meters are in the new building office space from a size of 18 square meters incurred. Companies operating benefit from a modern environment are being built in the lucky stone-quarters of subsidized rental prices and an involvement in the networks of the Mannheim GmbH incubators (mg: gmbh). It operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of the city not only the Mafinex, but all Mannheim existence incubators like the music park or the German-Turkish economic center.


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