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Partnership Study: Technology facilitates cheating – Therefore, the … –


Source: Victoria Milan

The constant views of the smartphone can harm a relationship that has the discrete social network Victoria Milan found in a survey of over 6,000 members. So it annoys the majority of women (68 percent) that they are second only to the smartphone – many feel neglected and thus seek attention elsewhere.


Particularly annoying are 33 percent of women when their partner looks at his mobile device during a dispute. 24 percent of men will see the moment after sex the least suitable for a look at the smartphone. Men take less true that the smartphone could have an impact on the relationship. Here, only 46 percent due to the smartphone usage feel neglected. However, 76 percent of men think that the technology Affair tripled – in the women’s 69 percent.

“Women and men agree that the technology makes an exciting escapade easier than ever before. The majority of women are at even that would not come without Internet into temptation. While this praises opportunity to enter the ladies also that the use of smartphones influenced their relationship negatively. Like everything in life has probably also the technology advantages and disadvantages, “said Sigurd Vedal, the founder and CEO of Victoria Milan.

smartphone as a center of unfaithfulness

In another survey has found that discrete network that the smartphone, the “center of unfaithfulness” is. To this end, more than 10,000 men and women were interviewed. So prefer 72 percent, almost three-quarters of respondents dedicated websites or apps on where discreet affair can be performed. 67 percent of respondents use their smartphone for her lover or lover to contact – for example, sexting or erotic chats on public social networks.

Source: Victoria Milan (1), (2)


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