Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Boeing can be patented technology for shield – Gulli

If you like science fiction, knows that the ships are usually protected, for example in the TV series Star Trek by energy fields, repel that attack, preserving the hull of the ship from damage.

shields will soon no longer science fiction

Such a shield technology would be a useful thing, and perhaps could even become a reality. Because the company now Boeing filed a patent for a plasma field that vehicles, buildings, ships or aircraft is designed to protect against the effects of explosions.

Boeing is primarily known for the manufacture of aircraft, developed but in addition also technologies for the military. Now Boeing is working on said shield technology. This works as follows: A set of sensors on the object to be protected determine within fractions of a second, the direction from which comes the explosion. Now lasers and microwaves generate a plasma field before the object. Ionizes the air in this field. In this area, so be absorbed dominate another air density, temperature and composition, thus shock waves prevented from progressing, discarded or.

However, the plasma field does not provide 100 percent protection because of this, the energy expenditure too would be high. Thus, the effects of an explosion in most cases, only mitigated, but not eliminated completely. The force field also has a further drawback: not only the pressure wave of the explosion, but also the light is reflected. In order for the object to be protected, or the people in it, blind for a short time, which of course brings tactical disadvantages.

When the technology enters the market and how well it works at all, which is one see. / Ab


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