Sunday, March 8, 2015

Computer clock: Apple Watch is eagerly awaited – Business Week

On Monday, Apple’s first computer clock is presented. Now the successor to Steve Jobs have to prove that they are using the Apple Watch able to roll up industries.

Apple ventures with his first computer clock on one of his greatest adventures. It’s not just about entering a new device category. The iPhone Group has also set itself the goal of inventing meaningful scenarios for the use of a mini-computer on the wrist. Finally, one of the reasons that computer clocks despite a range of models from different manufacturers are still a niche business, the fact that many smartphone users simply see no use for it in everyday life.

According to the latest reports before the event on Monday from the presentation of the still unknown Details Watch Apple is expected, the concept of the group seems to hit a nerve. “People who have worn the watch, say that they pick up their phones much, much rarer than in the past from his pocket,” wrote about the technology blog “TechCrunch”. Some even said that they both day and not so good use of their iPhones. A central help in was “personal assistant” Siri, with which one can talk – what is “incredibly good” was working on the clock

Is the Apple Watch first there are watches with movement only thing for bargain hunters, nostalgic and future objectors. Even as an industry that has slept progress.

Some market researchers such as James McQuivey expect from the analyst firm Forrester Research that Apple this year sell more watches than going all providers of technology for the wrist so far, a total deduct from their devices. The bar is – at least for Apple circumstances – not particularly high. A total of 4.6 million “smart” bracelets were sold last year, according to calculations by market research firm Canalys. Among them were only 720,000 computer clocks with the presented by Google’s Android operating system in the summer Wear been.

The rivals were quick to nachzulegen shortly before the previously announced for April launch of the Apple Watch. Thus, the South Korean company LG introduced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona watches with mobile phone connection before that can go as opposed to Apple Watch without connecting to the smartphone into the net. The Chinese manufacturer Huawei promised a round computer clock with “timeless” design. The current market leader Samsung, the fourth generation of his watches on the market, a model with wireless connection since the fall. And the French electronics manufacturer Withings achieved moderate success with its smart watch Activité, although it can record only a few activities, which in battery that lasts well for eight months.


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