Monday, March 23, 2015

Openx technology builds against advertising fraud – Internet World

The online advertising market place OpenX has further developed its technology for better traffic quality. What is new is that the direct day-integration is used with publishers to to detect fraud.

The fight against fraud advertising is a big issue with operators of marketplaces for automated trading of online advertising inventory. Because the more revenue through such Exchanges flows, the more attractive they are for scammers. Therefore, many companies have announced measures to combat Ad Fraud (advertising fraud) and to improve quality in recent months, for example, DataXu and AppNexus.

OpenX, provider of a marketplace for automated trading of display advertising works for three years on methods to discover online advertising and prevent fraud. Now, the US company that since 2013, in Germany has an office, improves its technology. Over a Direct-day integration with OpenX publishers can the browser, in which the advertisement is to be delivered to investigate: Is there evidence that the page request comes from a botnet? “If the browser is very slow, for example, that could be a sign that it is running on a computer that ‘was of a botnet, hijacked,” said John Murphy, vice president of the marketplace-quality OpenX.

About the Direct-day integration OpenX can also retrieve certain features of browsers that are browser-specific. If the browser does not respond, that could be a sign that the URL in reality is not the one it claims to be. “With the recent development of our platform is able to identify fraudulent pages within milliseconds and ward off before they have access to the Exchange,” says Murphy.

According to Murphy fought OpenX online advertising fraud on several species. First, the publishers that offer advertising space, reviewed by the staff. “We reject an average of 30 to 40 percent of the sites,” he explains. Secondly, the traffic was being investigated in real-time to filter bot traffic. And thirdly, the platform over a longer period indicators evaluated in order to identify suspicious traffic.

The goal is to create confidence in the quality of the platform for advertisers to invest more advertising money there. The cost of the improvement measures contributes OpenX. “We see it as our job to ensure that no fraud is taking place in our marketplace,” says Murphy. Openx generated net sales of over 100 million US dollars in 2014, according to information. Among the customers on the platform include Forbes, IDG Tech Network, and Ask.

End September 2014 had a trade association Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) United States presented program, fight the online advertising fraud and transparency are supposed to provide digital advertising business. A “Trustworthy Accountability Group” is to provide structures to eliminate artificially generated traffic and malware.

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