Friday, March 20, 2015

Technology Fair without glamor –

The crowd on the CeBIT has its limits – in the record year of 2001, the number of visitors fell by three-quarters.


The CeBIT is the hunting ground of the seller. They are at their stands and scan visitors to purchase interests in technologies from their company. You have easier time than before: three quarters fewer visitors push in the record year of 2001 through the halls

The CeBIT has less glamorous than the CES Las Vegas or the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in January.. In Vegas Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche caused a stir, who presented a self-driving car concept. In Barcelona, ​​Samsung unveiled its iPhone rival Galaxy S6. At CeBIT also loyal visitors can hardly remember a notice that would have made international headlines.

At the CeBIT especially the major exhibitors such as IBM and SAP had made pressure to contain the visitors flood and a ” to be business fair “from professional to professional. This year, 16 of 26 exhibition halls occupied, one more than in 2014. The show leadership were “all upright people, but sluggish” criticizes a major exhibitor. That the fair state of Lower Saxony and Hanover city belong, is also a reason why the new themes were to be developed only slowly.

Achim Berg, head of arvato AG and Bitkom vice-president, says the CeBIT own a great spot to make the topics “Internet of Things” and “Industry 4.0″ to focus. “Also could here a successful marketplace for start-up companies emerge that are looking for a successful start up financing.” The start-ups already caused now that even art fans got their money. In the Hall of the start-up competition CODE_n, visitors thronged at stands of 50 young companies.

Even traditional CeBIT exhibitors and the German Telekom, SAP and Microsoft tried at the fair, abstract digital issues such as the “Internet of things” or the handling of large amounts of data (“Big Data”) to make clear. So you could see how a modern farmer using the SAP database “Hana” can combine data from the meter precise analysis of soils and weather forecasts and operational plans of agricultural machinery in real time to cultivate his fields as efficient and environmentally friendly.

Networked Vehicles played hardly any role at CeBIT, even though it does talk about and need for orientation. Although Vodafone was the tires squeal pimped-up sports cars. But that was the telecom corporations illustrate only the pace in its expanded LTE mobile network.

A moderate success achieved to mess with the video performance by Edward Snowden. The NSA whistleblower had previously spoken with other conferences via video. But before the CeBIT audience Snowden had – thanks skillful interviewing – elicit more details than the competition. After evaluation of the analytics company Meltwater Snowden was the hottest CeBIT topic on the net.

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