Saturday, March 21, 2015

As software technology from old software programs are fast – Germany radio

Andreas Zeller talks to Manfred Kloiber

The so-called compiler Sambamba turns a classic serially programmed program much faster for multi-core processors, it fits so . the current resources – even simple gaming PC to work with a multi-core processor

Since the dawn of computer technology, most programmers think always the same: think serially. The tasks to be done, a program will be divided so that they can be processed by the processor sequentially. This procedure was correct as long as the processors of the computer only single cores stuck that could always do only one calculation at a time.

But today is itself a very simple game pc with a so-called multi-core processor, the speed advantage not properly used most of all the software for the serial programming. And new programs are rarely so programmed to respond parallel structures correctly. Researchers at the University of the Saarland have developed a compiler that can turn old serial software, modern parallel

-. As the compiler name Sambamba works, explains Professor Dr. Andreas Zeller from the Department of Software Engineering in the Germany radio interview.

The full interview can simultaneously hear in the audio player.


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