Sunday, March 1, 2015

Runcible: The round smartphone wearable thing for technology-haters – Engadget German

What do you do in a world where you can sometimes feel there is almost everything? Build something that seems to go against every trend. Runcible is a concept of this kind that wants to become a reality now, even if we are not entirely conclusive, what to do with this, obviously for a stone or similar modulated thing begins. There is a round screen, a camera, and of course you can thus also into the net, but apps or Home screens in vain. The front page will usually display a clock and you can also purchase an additional flap so that the thing still looks old-fashioned. Even the maps are reduced to a compass. There are no notifications, not even a ring. An anti-smartphone for those who still want some way to network, although it is hard to imagine what websites on a round Screen want. Monohm will present at MWC runcible. We are curious.


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