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Technology: Augmented Reality conquered outer space without Google – Invidis – Digital Signage Portal

– Drivers who quickly remove a component in space and a bug fix will not have to keep still a manual or tablet in your hands. Even otherwise provide augmented reality technologies advantages for use in science and industry. In future, provide astronauts with AR glasses NASA. But come neither Google nor of Magic Leap, but by ODG. Thomas Kletschke

Scene from the film Interstellar (Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon / Paramount Pictures)

Scene from Interstellar (Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon / Paramount Pictures)

industrial partner for the project is US Company Osterhout Design Group (ODG), which has developed augmented reality glasses already for military and industrial applications. Even the Concumer market wants ODG supply with an AR glasses, from the date prototypes were shown

Of course, both ODG such as NASA later profit from AR missions in extreme conditions -. And ultimately B2B markets such as the industry. Aboard spaceships AR glasses to take on functions of manuals and serve as an interface for video chats, they say. The AR glasses of Osterhout should be checked in the current year in an underwater laboratory for their suitability for space out.

ODGS glasses is currently available in an Android version (model R-6). Announced the R-6S is also equipped with a logic based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor quad. It has also been shown at CES 2015, the prototype of a consumer version. Each of the AR glasses has stereokospoische HD displays, which provide for the 3D display. In the R-6S are 720p at 60fps available, the previous works with 30fps.

 Augmented reality glasses R-6S (Photo: ODG)

Augmented Reality Glasses R-6S (Photo: ODG)

various media reports, the NASA originally wanted to take a Google Glass with in Outer Space. However, at that time, therefore, Google pointed out that it was concentrating on a pure B2C glasses.

you know, the Google Glass is in its present form history. Once Google had put the end of 2014 over half a billion US dollars in the start-up Magic Leap, Google is expected to fall along with Magic Leap to the further development of their technology.

Magic Leap is meant AR or VR are obsolete – the Company itself speaks of CR and Cinematic Reality. In contrast to the in various devices such as the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR Magic Leap wants to project with extremely small projectors image information and the light in the eyes of the user. These lots are required to sensors and Co.. Advantage from the perspective of Magic Leap: The system should provide more pleasant visual experience, as it can scale 3D stereoscopic systems so far. According to reports, currently there are two different Magic Leap prototypes

In addition to Google Legendary Entertainment is one of the owners of Magic Leap. the production company that has created the cinema with Interstellar a scientific, narrative and visually exciting Space amendment. And since Magic Leaps Rony Abovitz the world via blog last a “freaking awesome” technology has promised that one can but recommend a clear conscience even their own mother or her own father – the “Mom Rule” – the Leap well at least for the time being on the blue planet evolved. A journey into orbit is then via Cinematic Reality also easily be feasible on earth.


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