Friday, March 13, 2015

German, you will open for state-of-the-art technology! – (blog)

“As the Silicon Valley controls our future,” headlined the mirror straight. And in fact – you have to be a futurologist to realize the impact of disruptive technologies in the valley of the world’s most powerful will have on our daily lives soon. The reason for this is quite simple: If anyone has an idea in California, he implements them without any hesitation and procrastination. Within a short time he has the necessary venture capital in the pocket. What is possible, is also made.

We all benefit today of it, because we have never communicated with one another faster and easier. We have never been so simple and direct access to information. Whether we like to call a taxi or a pizza – it’s always just a click away on your smartphone. And in a few years, web-based software will determine our whole life: With Industry 4.0 cars and homes are fully controllable from the cloud

Change of scene. I was recently at a trade show and came up with the manager of a medium-sized company to conversation. “At Facebook, we no longer come probably sometime past also. Sorry. Because I find all this stuff so terrible, “she complained. I almost get a little compassion. Then I was wondering if this can be serious.

“German Angst” instead of founding spirit

Here is a setting like this, however, not unique. We hide behind our “German Angst”, while we take people in California and elsewhere with disruptive technologies butter on bread. Were it not once we here in Germany, which was attributed to founder and entrepreneurship? Had the most technologically outstanding ideas and they have been implemented?

Of which we live today – and that is a major cornerstone of our prosperity. But if we rest too long on developments of the past, the economic strength is moving sooner or later. To where innovation happens today – in a valley near San Francisco.

Opening of State-of-the-art technology

The appeal can therefore only be: German, open yourselves for state-of-the- art technology. This applies also and especially for corporate communications and marketing. PR has to take more and more responsibility today. Attention, reach and reputation are derived largely from what happens in the network. This includes the topic of SEO to the communicators together using online PR can make a significant contribution. And of course there is no longer a Can, but a must if companies are their customers on social networks available to answer questions. We should not discuss, but rather analyze in advance where trends come next, which will prevail and how we make them usable on the meaning of blogs, social media and other digital platforms.

In keeping with the Topic: “ ‘Just do it. Fuck the cowards’ -. 15 questions to Nik Myftari of spotted

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