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No Man’s Sky: developer control procedural universe with NASA … – PC Games Hardware

No Man's Sky: developer control procedural universe with NASA technology

No Man’s Sky: developer control procedural universe with NASA Technology

In No Man’s Sky is not just the small universe generated procedurally. But how do you control such a huge, randomly generated world? With NASA technology!

The developers of No Man’s Sky were at GDC and have presented their undoubtedly very attractive game. The emphasis is on the developer conference was mainly at the possibility of engine to generate procedural worlds and make them look alive. Especially Grant Duncan of Hello Games this was the focus.

> The problem with huge procedurally generated worlds: How do I check the results of the engine in the development phase? Duncan reported that one has looked at NASA, as there the universe is explored. In the first step, of course, with probes and exactly do they do in the procedurally-generated universe of the game No Man’s Sky.

The data of the probes were recorded and evaluated. Thus, the probes looked at in detail what is happening on the distant planet, of which there’s Sky-Man universe quite many in No. This is how the “Map Generator” from No Man’s Sky in principle not different in size as that of Minecraft. A seed is “big box mathematics” thrown into one, which then calculates the level. With the same seed so can so multiple people play the same world.

The problem of the so-generated worlds but their control. “Artists are total control freaks,” said Duncan, adding: “Ideally, each pixel would be in control.” To carry out the checks, there are now probes – inspired by NASA

Source: via polygon


No Man’s Sky: Galaxy gameplay trailer with goosebumps guarantee


No Man’s Sky is a space adventure from the UK development studio Hello Games, which in addition is also responsible for marketing. The game will eventually see in 2015 for the Windows PC and the PlayStation 4 the limelight

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