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Technology: Industry 4.0 – WDR News

time just check with your smartphone the tank or in the comfort of your couch Navi program for the next day – my app is very simple. Domestic appliances such as refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher can now use a smartphone or tablet. The integration of man and machine to make our lives simpler – but how will it change our lives in the long term

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this year’s IT fair CeBIT is the “Internet of Things” one of the top issues. The so-called industry 4.0 is the future, in which the economy is imminent. But it has already arrived at the consumer? Hardly anyone knows what to do with the concept of something – and yet the fourth industrial revolution affects us all. In the foreground is the intelligent factory, the so-called smart factory. It’s about full automation: human and machine communicate with each other, whereby the power doubles and individual customer requirements to be implemented quickly. These processes and global networking with things increasingly influences our everyday lives.

Sample Tracking: location determination via smartphone

The company Telenor Connexion offers instrument, monitor with the parents, for example their children using a smartphone or their exact whereabouts can determine: The children carry the device with you that transmits the data by radio, where it is located. The system works worldwide

Even with cars, there are these so-called tracking function. The smartphone can be determined, for example, is where parked the car. Standing on a crowded parking lot and is not reproduced his car, you can start the HUP and blink function that reveals the location of the vehicle.

What happens to the data

The new technique is rolling towards us – unstoppable. Currently, although one percent of all items is just linked, but as soon as 2020, it should be appreciated about 80 percent. But what happens to all the transmitted data? Right here critics see as Christian Engel King of StopWatchingUs enormous vulnerabilities. Despite all the advantages networking mountains also an incredible danger, because we would have no power over what happens to our data. In this respect, everyone should be aware of what data they produce for the comfort of networking and at what price.

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No one can predict exactly what is happening with our many data produced.

Digitization as an economic factor

At Cebit is celebrated digitization. Auto, chemical and mechanical engineering to agriculture – – By 2025, allegedly only the German sectors will perform an additional business potential of 78 billion euros. Also in NRW one is well positioned in the Federal comparison, says the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Matthias Mainz. “If you look to the Sauerland times because we have very many global market leaders, small and medium enterprises, this change are at the moment and are currently preparing a good thing that they do not fall behind in the digitization.” But going by the digitization jobs lost? Companies in NRW go for the most part not assume – may exclude the moment but nobody

The precise consequences of Industry 4.0 can estimate currently no.. What is clear, however: data is more important than things. For anyone who has information has power in the market and can branch off a large portion of the profits for themselves

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