Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Technology: IBM plans to invest billions into the Internet of Things – H

Image: IBM

IBM intends by his own admission within invest four years three billion US dollars in a new division which will deal exclusively with the Internet of Things. The resulting services to be offered, especially business customers.

How IBM offers from now on as a co-operation with the Weather Company of sensors collected, comprehensive weather information to customers about the Cloud services the company can use in real time and in combination with other data. This should, for example, large retailers can identify in combination with their sales, how their sales are correlated with certain weather conditions or how these weather conditions affect the supply of certain products.

Another scenario applies to insurance companies, compare their claims experience with the meteorological data and their customers in the future can so effectively warn of storms. And also very different industries such as tire and drive manufacturer to be won as customers for the new data sources and rates.

Further step away from the hardware store

The provision of weather information should only be the beginning. In the medium term plans to offer other real-time data from sensors in buildings, machinery and equipment IBM. This makes the announcement shows that the former core business, the hardware will continue to lose relevance at IBM. By 2018, the business with cloud services, Big Data, Security and the Internet of Things around 40 billion US dollars will contribute to annual sales forecasts IBM, which would correspond to a share of almost 50 percent.


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