Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Opel developed intuitive headlight control – autobild.de

– 03/17/2015

At Opel, the third generation of adaptive lighting technology is in the works. After AFL and LED matrix headlights now comes the Eye-Track technology.

A utos the future can read the wishes from the eyes of their drivers , At least the desires that addresses the alignment of the headlights on the car. For this purpose, the Opel engineers have developed a camera for the headliner, which scans the driver’s eye movements 50 times per second, which can calculate his line of sight. The headlights then move into the direction calculated by computer. For about two years, the project is in progress and will be presented at the International Year of the light for the first time to the public. Opel lighting technology department cooperates with the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Intelligent Light: mass production until 2016

Ingolf Schneider, head of the lighting technology department, explains why the light cone does not jump so quickly to and fro as does the human eye: “We have developed a particular delay algorithm that ensures a smooth management of the light cone And the best thing is that the eye tracker does not need to be recalibrated each time this way, people of every size.. behind the wheel of our car and put the system works smoothly in all. ” But it does not follow the entire light beam to the driver’s eyes, so should look again be directed to the side, it does not get dark front of the vehicle. The low beam functions of the eye tracking technology independent. The intelligent system should be brought to the market by the end of 2016.


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