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BUSINESS WIRE: 3M ranges in Germany patent infringement lawsuit to protect … – Finanztreff


ST. PAUL, Minnesota (USA) – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 03/07/2015 –

As part of the ongoing licensing program for dental technology industry in terms of patented 3M technology that enables the coloring of ceramic fillings, the company 3M has a patent infringement lawsuit against the resident Spengenberg companies Dental Direkt GmbH filed in Dusseldorf in order to protect its technology to unlicensed users.

The application assumes the violation of patent rights by 3M by dental Direkts zircon CAD / CAM blocks, which are sold under the brand name “DD Bio Z” and “DD Bio ZX 2 translucent”, and staining liquids under the brand name “DD Bio Z color classic” and “DD Bio ZX 2 monolith Zero “.

The patented technology allows the coloring of ceramics by matching the color of dental fillings on the natural color of the patient’s teeth. 3M has its patents licensed to the majority of the dental technology industry, including the company Vita Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & amp; Co. KG and Vident, Inc., Dentsply Prosthetics US LLC and Dentsply International Inc., Zirkonzahn GmbH, Wieland Dental + Technik GmbH & amp; Co. KG and Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Metoxit and White Peaks Dental Solutions. About this licensees can benefit from the advantages of dental fillings, which are matched to the natural color of their teeth patients worldwide. 3M remains open to the possibility to license this technology to other interested parties.

3M is committed to improving the oral care through ongoing investment in research and development. Dental technology department of the company, 3M ESPE has been recognized in the past ten years by the Anaheim Group as the most innovative companies for dental technology. This award is given based on the number of patent filings, 510k shares and new product launches.

About 3M

3M is a science-based company with a creative cooperation culture that inspires powerful technologies to improve the quality of life. 3M has a turnover of 32 billion US dollars, employs approximately 90,000 people worldwide and has operations in over 70 countries. To learn more, visit or follow @ 3M under 3MNews on Twitter.

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